5 Likely Filler Matches That Could Happen at WWE Money in the Bank

Cardiff Wanderer@@CardiffWandererCorrespondent IIJuly 13, 2012

5 Likely Filler Matches That Could Happen at WWE Money in the Bank

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    With only four matches announced on the main card at Money In The Bank, it is likely that there will be a number of filler matches inserted into the event.

    These unannounced matches are quite controversial as it allows the WWE to provide pay-per-view matches without necessarily creating a feud, or at least a logical reason, for two (or more) wrestlers to compete against each other.

    One additional match already on the card is the WWE tag team champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth against Hunico and Camacho on the half-hour preshow. This is a great example of two teams who have had little connection being put into a match on (or in this case before) a pay-per-view.

    Here are the five most likely matches to be added to Money In The Bank.   

    Warning: Smackdown spoilers are present in this article. 

Brodus Clay vs. Heath Slater

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    Brodus Clay is an ideal candidate to be thrown into a unannounced pay-per-view match, as his dancing gimmick gets a strong pop from the audience and his in-ring persona demands short matches where Clay is physically dominant.

    Clay's logical opponent at Money In The Bank is perennial loser Heath Slater, whose recent exploits with WWE legends has started to rebuild his reputation as a performer.

    One way to continue Slater's momentum as the WWE's most delusional wrestler would be to have the 'One Man Rock Band'  give an open challenge to anyone in the back.

    Clay could then come to the ring and demolish Slater, producing a feel-good moment for the crowd. 

Ryback vs. Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins

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    Smackdown's Great American Bash special saw Curt Hawkins lose to Ryback.

    This week's Smackdown features Tyler Reks losing to Ryback.

    The next logical step is to see the tag team combine in an attempt to get the better of the seemingly unstoppable behemoth that Ryback has become.

    Of course, Ryback has form when it comes to appearing in unannounced pay-per-view matches, having appeared in the last three without previous warning.

    Therefore, even if Reks and Hawkins do not get their opportunity at Ryback, someone will face him at this event.

Prime Time Players vs. Primo and Epico

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    At WWE's last pay-per-view, No Way Out, the tag team of Epico and Primo were betrayed by their manager AW in favour of The Prime Time Players.

    Little has happened between the two teams since the last event, but the WWE could push this match into the schedule as a continuation of that storyline.

Layla vs. the No. 1 Contender

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    Short women's matches are a common phenomena in the WWE so a filler match for the Divas title is always a possibility.

    The match will definitely feature champion Layla but it is difficult to guess who the number one contender for the woman's belt might be at this time, with so little focus on the division.

    The most likely addition is Beth Phoenix. The former champion is certainly the most dominant female wrestler on the current roster, but she has failed to take the title from Layla after several attempts.

    Another possibility is AJ, who is the most prominent woman in the WWE currently, but the company may feel that an AJ title run will take away from the WWE championship feud.

    Whatever the circumstances, if this is a filler match on Sunday, then it will be very short indeed. 

A Legend Will Appear and Deliver Their Finisher On Heath Slater

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    It would appear to many observers that Raw's 1000th episode is more important than this pay-per-view, so it should not be surprising if the WWE sacrifices time to do several backstage skits promoting that show.

    Another altercation between Heath Slater and a WWE legend is one of the most attention-grabbing ways to get this message across, and this is especially likely considering that the WWE has so many former wrestlers working backstage as agents.

    This may not end up as a match, but promoting the 1000th episode of Raw will be a fundamental part of the Money In The Bank pay-per-view.


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