Deuce McAllister Out, Pierre Thomas In

LaddCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2009

“The New Orleans Saints, as expected, parted ways with long-time running back Deuce McAllister by giving him his release Tuesday.”

I guess some of the angry coaches around the league, like Jack Del Rio and Sean Payton, got together this weekend and decided to take dumps on all the old guys’ heads.

While this isn’t good news for Deuce, it opens the door for the PT Cruiser, Pierre Thomas.  We all know Reggie Bush can’t carry the load, partly because he’s a siss and party because the little bastard goes to work on KK’s bdunkadunk like a doctor six times per day.  Pierre Thomas amassed 600 yards and 9 TDs last year, mostly after week 10.  Payton loves the Cruiser and will definitely give him a lot of work next year.

The annoying thing is people love to draft Saints.  It’s the Katrina sympathy factor, combined with Sean Payton’s stupid playbook, combined with Drew Brees’ obsession with throwing eighty times per game.

Hopefully, everyone will jump on the Reggie train so Pierre slips a bit.  I’d start planting the Bush seeds in a couple months and hope people bite. 

You know, every time you’re out with your buddies, throw in a line about how great Reggie is.  Or send the other owners in your league a couple YouTube videos of Reggie’s highlights.  Or make up rumors that Pierre pulled a hammy.  Or kidnap those who you know will draft PT early and replace them with Reggie lovers.  Or go for the kill and buy the two or three people who are drafting around you Kim and Ray J’s sex tape.

And speaking of Ray J, I would just like to thank him for inviting that lovely lady who does the crazy human banana split booty pound to appear on his show.  That move changed me forever.  So thank you and G-d bless.