Nick Kypreos and Gord Stellick Won't Help Leafs on the Way to the Cup

Graeme Boyce@CivilizedGraemeCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2009

We're heading into another Leafs game, and we'll soon see whether the team will have what it takes to ice the cake, put the nail in the coffin and rub salt in the wound.  Yes, they need to beat the Sabres, again.  This is a game the Leafs should win.  Recently they've beaten Montreal and Pittsburgh. They should be playing like lions.

Unfortunately, this is a team in flux.  Burke is talking about trading any player on the team, which is fun to talk like this, so he let's us appreciate a deal might be on the way.  But a player here and a player there?  If we listen to the pundits, it knocks my socks off to hear no one is speaking in terms of blockbuster trade.  Burke is talking about trading Schenn.  Cool.  Let's go.

Boston and Philadelphia are competing to take Kaberle, and Moore is worthless say Kypreos and Stellick.  Interesting points.  Earlier in the day, Kaberle says he's set to remain in Toronto

Over the years certain Leafs players under the media spotlight have had to admit their shortcomings along the way, and from time to time broadcasters need to admit their shortcomings too, a la Nick Kypreos talking about speed and Justin Pogge.  If only Kypreos could've moved side to side a little more quickly when he was a player on his last night as a player. 

Then again speaking of Gord Stellick, after a stellar career in broadcasting, how many years or was it months that he was in fact good enough to be called a general manager at the NHL level?  Yet, we are to take his opinion seriously.  Kypreos had his chance.  He's worse than Bob Cole.  Stellick?  I don't know how he got his job in the first place - I mean wasn't he an usher?

Kaberle will stay on the team.  But will Antropov remain with the team to walk away into the free agent market, completely unrestricted?  I think so, unless Burke trades him, along with Kaberle.  But not for Bouwmeester.  Pogge is being showcased against the Sabres.  He's gone.  Along with Cujo and Toskala.  The Leafs need a sniper.

Leafs 3, Sabres1.