WWE Money in the Bank: WHC Ladder Match Is Anybody's Match

Gabe MamboContributor IIIJuly 13, 2012

At this event, there's a match that has become anyone's bout. (Credit to: Pro Wrestling Wikia)
At this event, there's a match that has become anyone's bout. (Credit to: Pro Wrestling Wikia)

WWE's Money in the Bank pay-per-view is starting to build a reputation as an unpredictable event.

It is something as we, the WWE universe, have always demanded for the WWE to be, with regards to its booking. That's because professional wrestling is that much more exciting when fans are left guessing.

If one looks at Monday Night Raw, they might have a hard time agreeing. Four former WWE champions are participating in the WWE championship Money in the Bank ladder match. It's a contest that's headlined by the company man John Cena. If somebody's looking for a captivating ladder match where you're always left guessing, Monday Night Raw isn't it.

Unpredictability is located elsewhere on the card for Money in the Bank. If anyone wants to find what match is going to leave fans wondering who will come out victorious, they will have to look at the other ladder match for the entertainment.

The World Heavyweight Championship ladder match is a free-for-all.

This year, eight superstars are in the match. All of the participants at the moment are midcard mainstays who been put in the spotlight for weeks or even months. All of them seem to have an equal shot at winning.

Everyone should be left guessing for this match. No one is truly guaranteed a victory, though one can argue that goes for every match. However, the WWE has created a match where it's truly anyone's game. One should look at the participants to see why this is a fact.

A lot of fans are favoring Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes. Both of these young stars are clearly being groomed to be big players in the WWE for years to come. What better way to be pushed to the main event than by winning a briefcase that earns them a world title shot?

Furthermore, Ziggler is a former world heavyweight champion. His first push may have arrived a little too soon, but the WWE has made it clear that they do want him to return to the top of the mountain someday. The man who's captivated wrestling fans for his tremendous in-ring work could be getting his just due, this time at the right moment.

However, there are other viable contenders for the briefcase.

Christian is a former world heavyweight champion. Last year, he was part of one of the best feuds in professional wrestling against Randy Orton. Wouldn't it be just as great to see Christian back on top as a fan-favorite?

Tensai was given a push that some considered pointless or premature. However, he's still a formidable force in the eyes of the WWE creative team. Wouldn't they want to see how he'd do as world heavyweight champion?

Damien Sandow has been given universal praise for his abilities as a heel and entertainer. The WWE seems to be giving him a fast push up the card now. Maybe they hope to create a brand new main event star in the same way that the promotion built up Brock Lesnar and current World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus? The briefcase could be calling for the "Intellectual" superstar.

Tyson Kidd is a superstar who many thought would have probably stayed in the midcard at best before being released. If that day is to come, it would be anytime soon. Tyson Kidd is here to stay. Smaller men in the WWE have become a lot more prominent in recent years.

With Tyson Kidd being one of the better in-ring performers, as well as a solid cruiserweight, he could perfectly fit the mold of being yet another main event star who trumps the idea that only big men can succeed in the company.

The same can be said for Mexican sensation Sin Cara, though his high-flying skills might be the only reason why he's in the match. However, there's a drawing appeal that Sin Cara was known for during his time in Mexico as Mistico. Perhaps the creative team and Triple H feel that he's ready to hold world championship gold?

Even Santino Marella, the comedic midcarder, could win the briefcase. One could read that statement and laugh all they want. However, it's not entirely impossible. Marella is the United States champion, and has been the runner-up in a Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber match in the past two years. To have him win the briefcase isn't too laughable.

That's the beauty of this match.

It's anyone's game. It's anybody's victory. Eight men all have an equal chance of walking out with the briefcase. That's an excellent way to build some unpredictability in a match that ultimately can thrive on it.

On Sunday, there will be a No. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. For fans of professional wrestling, it should be a joy to realize that the winner is unknown.