Money in the Bank 2012: A Cheap Excuse to Win a Title

Andy SoucekFeatured ColumnistJuly 12, 2012

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WWE is terrified of having a top face lose cleanly.

That’s why The Rock winning at WrestleMania was pretty shocking. That’s also why Money in the Bank winners capture the world title in cheap fashion.

Every single time.

It all started at New Year’s Revolution 2006, when Edge was the first person to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. He pinned John Cena after Cena had just won an Elimination Chamber match.

Yes, it put some great heat on Edge, but did absolutely nothing for him as an in-ring threat. Still, as a one-off idea, it was pretty novel.

RVD won it the next year, and is still the only wrestler to let his opponent know ahead of time when he was going to cash in. He also beat John Cena, but only won because of interference by Edge.

Again, we see a tainted title victory.

In 2007, Edge was back to his old tricks again. As the ultimate opportunist, he defeated The Undertaker after he had already wrestled in a cage match on SmackDown.

Remember CM Punk’s first title reign? It was a historic moment, just like Hulk Hogan winning his first world title after pinning the Iron Sheik in a hard-fought match. A new star was born.

Wait, no it wasn’t. The babyface Punk pinned Edge after Batista had already done the work for him.

Jack Swagger, The Miz, Daniel Bryan and Kane of all people have pulled this same trick as well.

It's especially bad when a babyface cashes in on a fallen opponent, because it makes him look like a coward. It makes him look like he doesn't believe in his own abilities to beat his opponent in a fair fight. And honestly, it makes him look like a bully by taking a title from a man who is already on the ground.

Will WWE decide it needs to have the winner cash in the title shot in a cheap fashion again this year?

There’s no reason to think they won’t.

It’s nice that WWE takes a chance on younger wrestlers, but to have them cash in like this has already gotten old. They’re beating a dead horse.

Let’s hope that whoever wins these matches announces it ahead of time like RVD did. If they win, that would be great and actually give that wrestler a rub, and start their title reign off right.

If they lose, that’s fine too, as it’s long overdue at this point.

It’s time for Money in the Bank to mean something. Royal Rumble winners are long remembered for winning the epic match and going to WrestleMania to achieve their night of glory. Money in the Bank winners are remembered for cheating.

Winning a hard-fought ladder match should be treated as a big deal; it should mean the wrestler who won was tougher than his competition that night. It's a brutal match, it should be treated that way. Instead, every year WWE throws that aspect away and instead decides another cheap victory is the best way to go.

It’s time for something new, and sadly, a straight one-on-one match for a world title would be new at this point.