Deadline Approaching: Calling All Managers, Lets Make This Work

Account KillerContributor IFebruary 17, 2009

With the NHL trade deadline approaching fast, it is time for the type of wheeling and dealing we've come to expect from Darcy Reiger.

In other words it's time to start praying he doesn't trade away our star talent for a second rate player and a draft pick.

Reiger has a track record of bad deals and worse personal decision.

Remember dealing our starting goaltender Marty Biron for a second round pick?

The pain of that deal …

… Or how about trading away the team’s lone All-Star, Brian Cambell, for a draft pick and a player who was ineffective during his time here and now resides in Vancouver?

We remember those days well.

As March 4 approaches, we are forced to ask what will happen next?

Reiger has been "evaluating the talent" all season and he now has a decision to make.

The sabres are in desperate need of some kind of defense, however there are no players that we can acquire without losing a valuable piece of the locker room.

That's why it's called trading after all.

The only possibility is to sway GMs with draft picks.

Lets be honest the NHL Entry Draft is cute but all together confusing.

You pick players before they enter college and hope that they remain consistent and healthy over the next three years?

Thanks, but no thanks—I'll take someone that's already here.

Reiger has a tough task ahead.

Try and rebuild the Sabres struggling defense without dealing the little star power we have.

That means Vanek stays Darcy.

There are not that many options out there.

In the end Reiger is going to have to be crafty to make a deal but something has to be done to stop the backsliding.

Buffalo may love its Sabres, but that doesn't mean we love you Darcy.

Screw this up and that may be your last shot.