Come To Think of It: Chris Bosh to the Bulls Is a Risky Proposition

Bob WarjaSenior Writer IFebruary 17, 2009

On the one hand, as a Chicago Bulls fan, I'm ready for the team to do something, anything, at this point to try and make themselves better.

Yet, the latest rumor surrounding the Bulls - a proposed three team trade involving the Bulls, Raptors and Suns - raises some question marks to me.

Under the proposed trade, the Suns would swap Amare Stoudemire to the Raptors, while the Bulls would acquire Raptors power forward Chris Bosh, in exchange for a package of players that would include the expiring contract of Drew Gooden, as well as youngster Tyrus Thomas and a first round draft pick.

On the surface, Bosh seems like a nice addition to the Bulls. They need scoring, and he can score. He's averaging 22.7 ppg this season.

And the man can rebound, too. He's currently averaging 9.5 bpg. Additionally, Bosh is a good defender.

But two things strike me as possible deal-breakers if I were the GM of the Bulls.

First, for such a big man, he doesn't mix it up under the basket much. Despite standing 6'10", he is not a true post-up player. He prefers to stay out on the side, where he uses an outside shot and his dominant left hand to do a lot of his scoring.

Second, his increasing frailty concerns me. Bosh hasn't played more than 70 games in any of the past three seasons. One of the things that was supposed to help him avoid injury was the addition of big man Jermaine O'Neal in Toronto.

But there's no O'Neal-type player in Chicago.

You see, Bosh has a slender frame and, at 230 pounds, may not be able to take the pounding he will get as the Bulls featured scorer.

In fact, he just missed the All-Star game this past weekend due to a knee injury.

So, I would rather have Amare Stoudemire. But I agree that the Bulls desperately need to make some changes to a roster that hasn't performed well the past two seasons. And, Bosh is only 24 years old.

The only remaining concerns include the question of what the ceiling might be for for Tyrus Thomas. He shows sparks of being the player he was at LSU, especially lately. Meanwhile, it seems that Bosh has already reached his potential.

Still, there's no certainty that Thomas will ever be as good as Bosh, much less any better, so why not make the trade?

The final concern is the first round draft pick that would supposedly be included in this deal. But again, you can't expect the Raptors to take what otherwise would basically be a straight-up swap of Thomas for Bosh, recognizing that Gooden will likely be gone after the season.

It's all interesting stuff, to say the least. Especially considering the Bulls apparently have a GM who may be quitting his job at some point (depending on which report you believe).

Come to think of it, the Bulls need some excitement surrounding them.