Alex Rodriguez: "To My Teammates, ... ... ..."

Mackenzie KraemerSenior Analyst IFebruary 17, 2009

Alex Rodriguez's press conference was much more entertaining than I thought it would be. He managed to sound like he typically does: too perfectly crafted.

From reading from a prepared script, to the calm, relaxed answers that managed to shuffle the blame to everyone and everything but himself.  A-Rod shifted the blame  from his cousin, to his lack of a college education, to his own naivete.  He seemed like the same guy he's always been.

With some of his excuses, he sounded just like any other steroid user during his press conference . His cousin introduced it to him, and he apparently didn't even know it was a steroid that he was taking! After all, if we believe him, we must believe he was naive enough to take anything if someone told him it would make him play better.

Including a drink of water!

The best part of the press conference was when he addressed his teammates in his opening statement. 

"To my teammates," A-Rod said, ":( :-/ :-P :-* :-X 8-) :-O :'( :-$."

He didn't say anything! He made faces! Simple AOL Instant Messenger emoticons rarely describe any human emotion accurately, but these smilies capture his expressions perfectly.

Later on, during the question and answer part of the press conference, he remarked, "I love you," when a reporter gave him a second chance to make a slightly less awkward and strange impression.

He should be able to move on from this. He hasn't tested positive since random steroid testing was instituted. And as much as I poke fun at some of the things he said, he did add some new information to the table, and he said enough and took enough responsibility.

He answered the questions he needed to answer in order to move on from the situation. He said where, why, and how he received and used the Primobolan.

But like always, the fans just want a little bit more...