The Future of the WWE: Money in the Bank

RykzCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2009

With Wrestlemania not too far off, everyone seems focused on the main event but there is a certain feeling of "Wait, I've seen this before, like five times."

Triple H and Randy Orton on paper seems likes a great main event but in reality, it isn't. Orton has really upped his game and deserves to be headlining Mainia, but what has Tripe H really done (besides marrying the boss' daughter)?

Throw in Edge and John Cena who have fought like 13 times over the last two years, and this really doesn't seem like the grandest stage of them all, but has a sense of déjà vu.

One match that always makes Wrestlmania special is the Money in the Bank.

The future of the WWE looks bright, but I think they're pushing the wrong young superstars. I really don't care who your dads are, make your own name and your own legacy (excuse the pun).

Here's who I think should be getting a push and will probably be in the Money in the Bank match:

John Morrison: He is the modern day version of HBK, gifted with amazing talent, he proves time and again that he should not be a mid-card wrestler. It really doesn't help that he has to carry Miz through most of their matches. The sooner they lose those titles, the better.

R Truth: Is it me or has he been chasing that United States title for a life time? He is an exciting talent who needs to be pushed and given a title run whether it be the U.S. title or how about the ECW title? Come on, they gave it to Jack Swagger.

Shelton Benjamin: The Gold standard has all the attributes to hold any major title in the WWE. He has more in-ring talent than the likes of Cena, and Batista but has never gotten the push. What does he have to do?

Mr Kennedy: In all fairness I think Ken has just been unlucky with his injuries and probably would have been up there if WWE didn't rely on the older generation.

Kofi Kingston: In my opinion, he was the break through superstar of the year in 2008. He had a good stint as Intercontinental champ but needs a good feud maybe with Rey Mysterio. Personally, I would love to see Kingston as a heel.

Evan Bourne: Again, he was just making a name for himself before he was injured. Here's hoping he's back for Mania.

There are more young talents like MVP and Kendrick. The list goes on, but the WWE seems happy with passing the belt around to the same wrestlers time and again.

Well, the WWE has let itself down with the main events this year but the men in the Money in the Bank will give you value for your money.