WWE: Will a Bad Love Story Ruin a Great Match for Money in the Bank?

John KindelanAnalyst IIIJuly 10, 2012

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

On the July 9 episode of Monday Night Raw, the first 20 minutes of the show were dedicated to the CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and AJ "love triangle." Thus killing any the start of the show and kicking off episode No. 998 with a whole lot of disappointment. 

I'm not sure what is being seen by those in the back when it comes to AJ, but I've even seen it on here that people think she's doing a good job in the role she's in.

But why?!

Is she a crazed girl who can't control her actions and has a bizarre love for two guys? I feel like I'm watching a bad high school play when she's on camera.

The crazed girl has been played so well by so many others in the past: Victoria, Mickie James and even Rosa Mendez all played the "crazy chick" and did it so much better than AJ.

She's cute and thin and tiny and adorable.

I get all that.

But come on, the long pauses, the bad delivery of her lines, the long drawn out eye lash batting with the prancing around; I'm so done with it. This proposal situation with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan brought the show to a screeching halt before it could even get started.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have been considered two of the top up-and-coming guys and two of the men who will be the long running future of the WWE. Both with great indy reps putting out fantastic matches, technical wrestlers, ring generals and masters of their craft have been reduced to playing second fiddle to a girl who hasn't even had that many matches in the WWE. 

I'll give AJ some credit, she's not some magazine model who thought becoming a WWE diva would help her modeling career. She went to wrestling school right after leaving high school.

This has been a dream for her for some time, but I feel that she has some way to go before she should be in the spot she's in.

Being the last Raw before the Money in The Bank pay-per-view this Sunday, this segment (and the tag match to follow later that night) really gave this match no momentum going into it this Sunday.

This isn't about two guys going after one another to get the title, this is about two guys fighting over the girl, and one of the guys doesn't even really want her. Punk and Bryan aren't attacking each other, they're not building up what type of match they're going to have, they're building up what will AJ do in this match. 

Today on WWE.com one of the main titles was "Raw Hath no Fury like a Woman Scorn!"

Really not a good idea to be putting something like that up on the same night you played the clip of Stephanie and Triple H's wedding. The clip of Stephanie roaring at the camera gave every man chills and even probably had Hunter questioning in real life if this was the woman he was going to marry. I hope AJ watched that clip, I hope she saw how Stephanie spoke and acted and glared, because of all the crazy women to be on WWE, I think Stephanie might be the greatest one of them all.

With this story, AJ needs to get even more crazy and Punk and Bryan need to be focusing on each other and the title. All the while, the crazy girl is trying to make the match about her. But the time has passed to fix this situation before the pay-per-view. Watch for this match to be on very early in the night, possibly even the first match, so that the loser of this match can get themselves in the Money in the Bank match for the title shot again.