PGA Tour 2012: Tiger Woods and the Best Clutch Putters on Tour

Daniel ZhuContributor IJuly 11, 2012

PGA Tour 2012: Tiger Woods and the Best Clutch Putters on Tour

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    The golfing world remembers Tiger Woods at the 2008 U.S. Open, where he sank that pressure-packed putt on the 72nd hole to force a playoff.

    We all remember Steve Stricker at last year's John Deere Classic, where he sank a 20-footer from the back of the green for the victory.

    Of course, the golfing world has to remember Graeme McDowell at the 2010 Chevron World Challenge, where he made two clutch 20-footers to take down Tiger Woods.

    None of those exciting moments would have happened without the putter, and those golfers who wield the flat stick the best.

    Without further ado, let's take a look at some of the best clutch putters on the PGA Tour.

Steve Stricker

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    Steve Stricker is a clutch putter.

    He has great touch on the greens, and when the flat stick is in his hands, it becomes a lethal weapon.

    Currently, Stricks is ranked 27th in putting this season, which isn't too shabby for the 45-year-old veteran.

    The strength of Stricker's putting lies in the 10-foot range. If you ever watch Stricker putt, he sinks most that end up 10 feet or less from the hole.

    Of course, Stricker steps it up as well, and wields the flat stick even better under pressure. We all remember how he made the 20-footer from the back fringe at the John Deere Classic last year to win it by one.

    Overall, Stricker's putting is one of the best on the tour, and his calm demeanor and smooth stroke makes it look like putting is so simple.

Luke Donald

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    Luke Donald is another great putter who has a really nice touch on the greens.

    Just like Stricker, Donald's smooth putting stroke makes putting look so easy.

    The current world No. 1 is ranked 16th in putting, which isn't too bad, either. His short-to-mid range putting is especially strong, and he has great control over the speeds of the different greens on the tour.

    Donald is also one of those players who can be clutch under pressure, and he proved that to the golfing world this year at the Transitions Championship where he knocked in a 10-footer for the win.

Graeme McDowell

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    There's no doubt that Graeme McDowell is clutch on the greens.

    He took down Tiger Woods at the 2010 Chevron World Challenge by sinking two 20-footers and helped Europe win the 2010 Ryder Cup with another clutch putt.

    McDowell is currently ranked ninth in putting this season, but when under pressure, he putts at an entirely new level.

    McDowell's touch on the greens and his ability to sink the pressure putts make him a formidable putter on the tour.

Tiger Woods

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    Tiger Woods is one of the greatest putters of all time.

    You could practically give him anything inside 15 feet and he would consistently knock those putts in the hole.

    Whenever Woods stepped up to putt, there was a feeling that he would make it. There was a feeling that something magical could happen.

    Tiger is ranked 70th in putting on the tour, which is subpar for a great putter like him. However, from 20 to 25 feet, Woods is ranked first with a make rate of 24 percent.

    Now that sounds like the Tiger Woods of old.

    I don't think I need to go into too much detail about Tiger's ability to step up and knock in the pressure-packed putts. He's proved to us time and time again that he can do it.

    Therefore, Tiger Woods was and still is one of the greatest golfers to ever wield the flat stick.

Rory McIlroy

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    Rory McIlroy is another great putter on the tour.

    What makes him even better is that he is so talented for his young age. Being able to be clutch and putt like Tiger Woods at 23 years old is pretty remarkable for McIlroy.

    His strength in putting is in the 10-foot range, where he consistently knocks the ball into the hole.

    McIlroy is also ranked second in the 20 to 25 feet category with a make rate of about 23.5 percent. He's ranked 23rd in putting overall, but we all know that McIlroy is a very clutch putter.