Bad Calls for the Phoenix Suns? Time To Change Them

Avi ScherContributor IIFebruary 17, 2009

For some reason last year, Steve Kerr thought that the Phoenix Suns needed a change: That they need to play more like Detroit or San Antonio.

Even though the Suns were playing the most exciting basketball and were one of the top teams in the league, and that their losses in the playoffs didn’t always have to do with basketball.

Steve first traded the Suns best defender, Shawn Marion for Shaq, Yes, Marion was not happy and wanted to be traded, but if you want to bring defense, why bring a player that is not known for his defense?

Then Steve fired the coach, Mike D’Antoni, who had an amazing winning streak in Phoenix and the defense was not as bad as we think.

This season Steve sent Raja Bell and Boris Diaw to the Bobcats for Jason Richardson, again, releasing two good defenders and bring in an offensive player. Not mentioning that Diaw can play positions 1 to 5 both offense and defense.

Now, Steve fired Coach Terry Porter and gave the team to Alvin Gentry, hoping that Gentry will bring back D’Antoni’s run and gun game (good move).

So up to now Phoenix has released three good defenders, brought two players that are not known for their defense and one of them does not suit the run and gun game, and they fired a coach with a good winning record, that had the team always noted as a contender.

I saw this coming last year after the firing of Mike D’Antoni (a lot of us did), the players on the team are not built for defense, and the only way they can win is running.

No doubt, that if the Suns want a championship they need to improve their defense, and with the team they have they won’t have great defense (but they can be better).

Trading Amare Stoudemire could be a good defensive move but it will hurt the offense, trading Shaq can improve the defense a bit, but it depends on whom they can get in return, if they get Marcus Camby or Ben Wallace then I would go for it.

I would also consider trading Jason Richardson for a better defender who can shoot from outside, like Richard Jefferson or Tayshaun Prince (even though he is a forward, move Hill to guard).

Also with Richardson's two driving incidents this year, Phoenix should be a contender if they want these kinds of problems on their hands now.

So in the meantime Steve Kerr has shown some bad GM decisions, wanting more defense but trading his defensive players, wanting to keep running but bring in a defensive-minded coach.

Steve Kerr has not being doing a good job at the moment, not even close, his trades and thoughts do not fit the Suns team.

Robert Sarver is not clean from all this either. We know he wants to save money, but even with saving money, the team can do well. Sarver has to realize that if the Suns slow down, the fans will start to disappear, less merchandise will be sold, sponsors will think twice...etc.

What will Kerr do next? Will he trade Amare? If he trades Amare, will he slow down the pace after he brought in an offensive minded coach?

It is looking like Kerr does not have control and does not really know what he is doing. Can Sarver afford these mistakes and bad decisions?

One thing is for sure, that if the Suns want to make the playoffs and want to be a contender for the championship, Gentry has to work with Stoudemire on his rebounding and defense.

He will not turn him in to a “Camby,” but he can show him how to block out for the rebound and how to change a penetrator's shot by just being present in the paint (I’m 5-foot-7, and I know how to do that).

In my option, Phoenix can still make a good run, some small changes should be made to improve the defense, but most important is to let them run, and that the offense goes through Nash’s hands.

Hopefully this will also make the team play “happier” basketball that will also help show results on the defensive end.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think the Suns have an amazing roster and should be one of the top teams in the league; they just need the right coach and the right style of play. They can run and play slow, they just need to find away to play both and to defend as a team.

Hopefully the firing of coach Terry Porter will be the “good move” that Steve Kerr makes, maybe this will help forget all the bad ones he has done in the past year an half in Phoenix.

So Mr. Sarver, think about it, it’s not too late. The Suns can make a good run with what they have (maybe with some minor changes).

You still have two days. Good luck.