San Diego Chargers: Why Malcom Floyd Will Be a Fantasy Football Stud

Kevin Abblitt@kevinabblittCorrespondent IIIJuly 11, 2012

Malcom Floyd has never drawn the attention or received the appropriate respect he has rightfully earned throughout the years. 

You can thank Vincent Jackson for that.

Floyd has been stuck underneath his shadow for seven years. And now nearing 31, Floyd’s time has come. Although Jackson’s aerial attack alleviated space for Floyd to open up into single coverage, Rivers wasn't his usual self as we saw last season. And when he was, Floyd was getting comfortable on the trainer’s table. 

Jackson’s physical style of play and ungodly attributes helped launch him into stardom and he ultimately became Rivers favorite target. However, with No. 83 out of the picture, Floyd now sits in the driver seat as the No. 1 receiver.

To put it plainly, he will be a fantasy nightmare this season. 

We have seen glimpses of Floyd’s high-flying maneuvers, but the distraction of injuries have plagued him from elevating his game. 2009 marked the only year that he managed to put together a full season of work. 

When healthy, Floyd has proved his worth. A 6’5’’ frame to go along with his pressing speed, sure hands, and intimacy with Turner’s system, help make him an ideal candidate to take the honors of this year’s fantasy stud.

The best part about Floyd is his mystique. If you are a Chargers fan, you know his potential all too well and have been salivating for him to make the leap into the elite conversation. Floyd has quietly racked together some noteworthy statistics, but nothing will compare to what is going to happen this season.

Rivers loves the deep ball. Last season, No. 80 posted both a career-best and league-best average of 19.9 yards per reception. In just 12 games, he hauled in 43 catches for 856 yards and five touchdowns. 

In terms of numbers, Floyd had his best year in 2011.

Just imagine the damage that can be done if he can stay healthy.

In the fantasy world, he is considerably overlooked. His bouts with injuries have considerably damaged his fantasy value throughout the years, but history isn't distracting me from taking him in this year's draft.

He is a game-changing player that is about to light Qualcomm Stadium up in his lead role this season. On top of that, he comes at a mild asking price since most owners don't believe the Bolts own a defining No. 1 receiver. 

Floyd will be sure to fill the void and prove the doubters wrong.

In most fantasy leagues, he is sitting at the back-end of the draft board. You would be a fool to bypass him because he has great upside to provide fantasy owners with solid production in the starting rotation.

Sure, he isn't Megatron, V-Jax, Larry Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson, but he has the potential to be at any moment. Rivers made Jackson into one of the best in the league, and he will do the same with Floyd this year.

I wouldn’t consider him a sleeper, he just has yet to prove his capabilities for a full season. The spotlight is on him in 2012. This is his year to rise to the occasion. 

If you’re searching for a late-round selection, make sure to lock Floyd onto your squad. He won't disappoint.