RAW is Runaway Train Heading Right To Derailment

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 17, 2009

Any words for what happened on RAW last night? WOW.

Edge had surprised us all (not really) with another chamber victory....anyone remember when he cashed in the Money in The Bank contracts on Cena and Taker? He won both times...and this makes a third time.He also returned at Survivor Series and won the WWE championship. This reminds me of when Edge returned at One Night Stand a few years back, and cost Cena the title. Edge isn't what derailed RAW. I don't mean to mislead, but Edge's " surprise" victories was a tangent that I had to briefly stick my feet in.

I went out on a stretch...a quite long one might I add. I actually thought WWE might do an Edge vs Orton feud. I must have been as gullible as Maria. WWE wants progression, but instead implemented regression.

I as well as many, were thrown back in time. I felt like I was in 2006 when RAW opened up. Edge and Vickie came to celebrate Edge's 8th world title reign (they all last about a month anyway).

I have no vendetta against Edge holding a world championship. I'm fond of him, but please WWE don't take it away from him 2 weeks later and have him win it back in the "ultimate opportunist" manner.

WWE have drove that moniker to the grave. RAW looked as if we were in for a treat. John Cena makes his way to the ring as he interrupts Edge. I should have known that one of WWE's top "World Title Chasers" (Triple H is No. 1 and No. 2 is Batista) would come looking for a title match.

When I say "title chaser" I mean that they only fight for the title and nothing more. Cena can't be involved in a feud that doesn't have a title. I'm completely appalled by what WWE has done.

You really want us to watch Cena and Edge again?! The original feud was nearly a year! My hand was all ready to turn the channel to VH1's I Love Money, when Cena picked up the mic. He did a really good job with it. I was amazed.

I quickly dropped the remote as he spoke. "If you hide...I will find you. If you try to run...I will catch you. We will fight". Such simple words had me glued, but Cena said them with great poise and structure.

My mind quickly left the happy place I was in and returned to reality. JOHN CENA WILL FACE EDGE....AGAIN!! RAW was a runaway train alright. Just when it seemed it was about to derail, it stood on the tracks.

Cryme Tyme and CM Punk took on Regal and Priceless. The match was worthless. Cryme Tyme and Priceless battled about three weeks straight now and ditto for Regal and Punk. WWE just combined the two "SAME" match ups into one big match up that was the "SAME" match.

Jamie Noble cut a little promo (I thought he was on ECW). I love the little guy and he's a hard worker. He had dreams for Wrestlemania, and Kane quickly defeated him in seconds....at least he outlasted Chavo at Wrestlemania 24. Jericho had a segment with Piper. I expected Jericho to wipe the floor with him, but Piper really got him.

Never thought he stood a chance, but Piper really out spoke Jericho. Jericho had nothing to say and he attacked piper. He told him to roll around and do tricks for the fans like the dog he is. Jericho has his hands quite full. Who's next week's legend?

Glamarella never fails. Beth and Santino always brings a smile to my face. They had plans to play the numbers game in Beth's women's title match against Melina. Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, and Candice came out, disposed of Rosa Mendes, and stomped out Santino...WHAT?! Santino is just too hilarious.

HBK is a free man as we all know and seemed greater than ever on RAW. JBL wasn't so good. He had a black eye, and realized he couldn't bring the championship to Wrestlemania 25, so what does he do? Challenge the Undertaker. "It's my destiny!"

Ummm no. That is light years away from what we want to see; thank goodness HBK told him off. HBK wants to face Taker as well. JBL and HBK will face off next week on RAW, and the winner has the rights to challenge Taker....and his 16-0 streak.

WWE's worst storyline was in effect last night. Rey Mysterio faced off against Mike Knox. Knox has been attacking Rey for weeks...and no one knows why. Rey won't ask, Knox won't explain, no one cares. Hopefully this "feud" will disappear like the Kelly Kelly/Kane/Orton love triangle did.

Rey won the match of course. Shane had survived No Way Out and challenged Orton to an Unsanctioned match. Stephanie couldn't stop him, and was on the phone with "someone" (Big Nose) as she feared for her brother's safety. "Please Hurry!", she said frantically.

Shane works his magic and gets Orton in the corner for the coast to coast, and Legacy runs in. Shane gets pounded out, then punted...NFL style. Orton has that "OH MY GOD" regretful look on his face again. Stephanie comes out and is hysterical. She confronts Orton and yells WHY?! WHY?! Orton gives her an RKO for her trouble. Orton puts that "OH MY GOD" look on again. Not to long after the RKO. Triple H runs in.


Triple H is shaking like he has a seizure and Legacy escapes via ramp as Triple H's face turns tomato red and his nose vibrates like a vacuum. RAW ends. RAW had many bright spots but they threw us back in time to 2006 (Cena vs Edge) and (2004, 2007) Orton vs Triple H. Is this the best they came up with? Way to go WWE.