WWE Money in the Bank 2012: Why Sheamus Must Lose Title to Alberto Del Rio

Leonardo SplinterSenior Writer IJuly 10, 2012

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

At Money in the Bank this Sunday, the "Great White" Sheamus will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against the "Mexican Aristocrat" Alberto Del Rio.

At Money in the Bank this Sunday, Sheamus must lose his title to Del Rio. Sheamus must lose not only to help Del Rio's career, but his own as well.

2011 was a great year (at least on paper) for Del Rio. He won the Royal Rumble, the Raw Money in the Bank ladder match and eventually the WWE Championship.

2012, however, hasn't been so kind to Del Rio.

Shortly before the new year kicked off, Del Rio injured his groin at the TLC pay-per-view (on December 18, 2011) and any momentum he gained in 2011 was crushed. Since returning from injury, Del Rio hasn't done anything particularly memorable.

Things should change for Del Rio at Money in the Bank this Sunday, however.

F4WOnline (h/t WrestlingInc.) reports that before Del Rio returned from injury earlier this year, Mr. McMahon wanted to bring Del Rio back as a more aggressive and ruthless heel.

As evidenced by Del Rio's recent ruthless attacks on Sheamus and Sin Cara, WWE has done just that. It's also been reported that Del Rio is expected to win the World Title sometime this year.

If WWE is smart, they'll capitalize on Del Rio's increased aggressiveness by giving Del Rio the World title this Sunday at Money in the Bank. If he does not defeat Sheamus, it will be very difficult to build Del Rio back up to where he once was in 2011.

Besides elevating Del Rio's career, there is another reason why Sheamus should lose the title this Sunday.  

In a recent article, B/R's own William Renken wrote (regarding John Cena's participation in the WWE Championship Money in the Bank ladder match), "Every time John Cena enters a storyline, there seems to be a certain stench of inevitability. You just know what is to come when he starts knocking on your door, and with Money in the Bank approaching a week from Sunday, it is as pungent as ever: he is going to win the contract."

You could switch out "John Cena" for "Sheamus" and "win the contract" for "retain the World Title," and the statement probably still rings true.

Since defeating Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Title in 18 seconds at WrestleMania XXVIII, Sheamus has been Super Sheamus. Sheamus rarely loses and there's never any doubt that he will win. Sure, WWE Champion CM Punk also rarely loses, but there's always a sense that he could lose. Also, unlike Sheamus, CM Punk struggled to win the WWE title.

Did you believe Dolph Ziggler could possibly defeat Sheamus at No Way Out last month? No? Me neither.

What about the other title match? Did you believe Kane or Daniel Bryan could possibly defeat CM Punk at No Way Out last month? Yes? Me too.

Ultimately, Sheamus needs to look more vulnerable. He needs to face some adversity. He needs to struggle for once. Even Superman struggled from time to time.

Why should Sheamus struggle? 

In a brilliant article by B/R's Maria Cane, Cane writes (regarding heroes and struggle):

Think deep into your mind of all the heroes that you admire in the journey to who you are today or where you want to be. Cogitate for a second on exactly how they became heroes in your mind.

No matter what they achieved, it was the struggle that made the achievement worth it. After all, if a man's grasp doesn't exceed his reach, then what good is the item that he's reaching for?

Ultimately, Sheamus needs to lose the World Title to Del Rio this Sunday at Money in the Bank. A win for Del Rio would elevate Del Rio's career and give Sheamus an opportunity to struggle for once (which would prevent him from turning into a bland super babyface whom adult fans can't relate to.)

Share your thoughts! Should Del Rio win the title at Money in the Bank? Should Sheamus lose? Who will win? Who will lose?