The World According to Freddie Roach

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The first time that I met Freddie Roach was of course at his Wild Card Gym, in Hollywood.  When I walked into his gym for the first time, (some years back now), I saw the famous boxing trainer wearing those famous glasses standing by the ring. 

Roach is a guy that lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps boxing, that's pretty much what his life consists of.  One time a few years ago I asked Freddie why he isn't married yet, and he looked at me with a little grin, and said, "Because I can't find a woman that will take a second seat to boxing." 

Roach on Parkinson's: Some people when they see Freddie Roach's hands shake want to feel sorry for him.  Freddie doesn't want anyone's sympathy, trust me.  We talked about Parkinson's disease a few times, and again, he doesn't want any sympathy from anyone.  The man is well aware of what the disease can do to people who live with it, but it doesn't stop him.

Freddie Roach doesn't suffer from Parkinson's disease, he LIVES with Parkinson's disease, and he loves his life.  I asked Freddie one time about Parkinson's disease, and how he deals with it, and he told me, " Brad, there are a lot of people in the world that have situations that they have to deal with that are a lot worse than what I have to deal with.  I don't want sympathy from anyone, I love my life."

Roach on computers: The last time I was in Los Angeles (Hollywood) was last year 2008.  At that time Freddie still didn't own a computer, nor did he want one.  I still don't think he has one, I'll look into it when I get out there in March.  When I asked Freddie if he had a computer, he looked at me and said, " I don't even know how to turn one on."

Roach on Mayweather Sr: I asked Freddie in my last podcast if he was going to behave himself during this camp for Hatton.  Roach told me that more than likely he wouldn't because Floyd Sr would no doubt break out one of his fifth grade poems, and say something that would piss him.

Roach on Margarito Hand Wraps: " I think if he's guilty that Margarito and his trainer should be banned for life." —Freddie Roach

Roach on Pacquiao:  "Manny is like a son to me, he's more than just my fighter."

Roach on not being married:  " I can't find a woman that will take a second seat to boxing."

Roach's choice of morning beverage: Starbucks Coffee

Freddie Roach for a guy that is financially free is a pretty frugal man.  Until recently he drove a very basic vehicle, he at last check doesn't own a computer, and he still lives in an apartment right next to his gym on Vine Street.

Roach on vacations: " I don't have time to take vacations, there are too many of my fighters that depend on me."

This is the world according to Roach (Part I), more to come soon!

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