The State Of The Business: In Battle Rap Format

RhymenocerousContributor IFebruary 16, 2009

Yo, respek! What up? It's yo boy the Rhymenocerous here to spit some info it you. This is a battle rap about the state of the wrestling industry. Some people think it's fallin apart, while I think it's doing better than ever.

Some people are outraged that Edge won the title,

But I tell you this, to WWE it was vital.

He carries that whole darn roster,

While bitter feelings you foster.

But what you folks seem to be missing,

Is the pure talent Vince is enlisting.


Meanwhile on the RAW brand,

Things have gotten a tad bland.

Trips is on top again, but not for long

As Orton's popularity grows in throngs.

Randy has a cult following

That leaves his wannabe man lovers' jaw's falling.


CM Punk is my boy with the IC strap

I hope Regal dont win it again, thats such crap.

The title should be propelling young talent

Instead its leaving them mid card, not so valiant.

But it seems as though they are trying, and genuinely relying

On the IC title to to revive a brand that's dying.


Shawn Michaels is free as a bird,

And Jericho, with the legends wants the final word.

Austin at Mania is what I am hearing,

I'm sure as hell buying if he'll be appearing.

Christian Cage is back, and Joe Burgett just doesnt understand

That WWE didnt want turds like him to make it less grand.

Now you're all salty that you couldnt report it,

Your stories change and make you seem retarded.


But do not fear for the draft is near,

And all of you people will do predictions for me to jeer.

I'll tell you this now, if Christian doesn't go to SmackDown,

You guys will all be a sad bunch of clowns.

MVP's got a nasty winning streak

While JBL's made made to look weak.


I'll leave you with this hot piece of advice

Dont give a radio show to a guy with no dice.

JTG is "great" and Brian Kendrick's his topic,

During commercials he'll masturbate to Miss Hawaiian Tropic!



- The Rhymenocerous (Rap Battle Champ) OB/RWSG!