Money in the Bank 2012: 13 Bold Predictions for the Upcoming PPV

Joseph Lisnow@@lisnowjCorrespondent IIIJuly 10, 2012

Money in the Bank 2012: 13 Bold Predictions for the Upcoming PPV

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    The third annual WWE Money in the Bank (MITB) PPV is less than a week away and like always, the show is one of the more interesting ones of the year. In the past, the PPV has seen some memorable moments from the bumps in the MITB matches to intriguing storylines like last year when CM Punk won the WWE Championship on the final day of his contract.

    "Expect the unexpected" seems to fit this PPV nicely. While this year’s card doesn’t scream excitement, maybe it will come off better on TV than it appears on paper.

    Here are 13 bold predictions for the 2012 Money in the Bank PPV.

Ryback Will Squash Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks

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    Expect Ryback to continue his PPV record of dominating wrestlers in an unadvertised match. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks have seemed to start a mini feud against Ryback that will culminate at the PPV.

    Hawkins and Reks come to the ring and challenge Ryback to a match. Three minutes later and the match is over with Ryback continuing his domination as the WWE continues his monster push.

Prime Time Players Win Tag Team Championship

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    Now that R-Truth is back, it’s time for the Prime Time Players to get their Tag Team Championship shot. A title change seems about right here, as R-Truth and Kofi Kingston belong in singles action.

    The Prime Time Players win and hopefully bring some attention back to the tag division. They’re a fairly new team, and with AW as their manager, they could be what’s needed to jump-start the division.

CM Punk Retains the WWE Championship

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    In 2011, CM Punk proved why he is called the “Best in the World.” For the better part of the year, he has been WWE Champion and his reign will not end at the Money in the Bank PPV.

    Punk will hold the championship until at least SummerSlam, where he somehow may get screwed out of the title by Chris Jericho. The two will then continue their feud from WrestleMania 28.

Daniel Bryan and CM Punk Feud to Continue

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    CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have had a great feud. While the storyline is interesting with AJ, the quality of their matches is what makes this feud so great.

    Punk retains at the Money in the Bank PPV and this feud will end when Raw goes three hours in a few weeks. A 60 minute Iron Man match will be the culmination of this feud.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan Steal the Show Again

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    Since they first wrestled in January, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have stolen the show every time they’re booked together, and at the Money in the Bank PPV, it will be the same. The two have wrestled so many times over the years on the independent scene that they seemingly automatically work well together.

    When these two wrestle, it is expected that they steal the show. It’s a daunting task going into a match, where it is already expected to be the match of the night.

AJ’s Affection Remains Unclear

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    AJ has been on an impressive run as of late and it involves nothing to do with her wrestling ability. It’s all about whom she has feelings for, and the Money in the Bank PPV won’t give the audience an answer just yet.

    Expect her to show favoritism towards both wrestlers in the WWE Championship match. Somehow she ends up being responsible for Punk retaining, but it may appear as an accident.

Sheamus Continues His Dominance

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    Sheamus has been destroying wrestlers since he won the Royal Rumble back in January, and it’s too early to end this run. He needs a strong title run to solidify himself as one of the company’s top stars.

    The Money in the Bank PPV is just another event for Sheamus to reign supreme. He goes into the PPV injured and wins, thus making him look stronger in the process.

Tyson Kidd Steals the MITB Match

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    Tyson Kidd has been on a roll the last few weeks, first qualifying for the Money in the Bank (MITB) match and then beating Tensai on Raw. The WWE finally seems to have shown interest in the wrestler.

    His job in the MITB match is to bring some highlights. He doesn’t stand a chance to win, but this is an opportunity for him to shine and prove he belongs in a bigger role in the company.

Cody Rhodes Wins the World Heavyweight Championship MITB Match

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    It’s time for Cody Rhodes to win the big one. In the last year, Rhodes has proven he belongs in the world title picture.

    As someone who is yet to win the biggest championship in the company, the Money in the Bank match is the perfect occasion. This is a chance to propel the young wrestler, who will be with the company for several years to follow.

    It was a tough call between Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler, but something tells me the latter will have his moment by the end of the year.

John Cena Wins the WWE Championship MITB Match

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    The WWE has been pushing how this is John Cena’s first Money in the Bank match, so it seems like he is set to win. The hype of the match has been centered around Cena.

    While Cena wins the briefcase, he may be the first wrestler to fail and cash it in successfully. Someone has to be the first to loss and it won’t hurt Cena if he’s the candidate.

WWE Championship MITB Match Will Be Dreadful

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    The Money in the Bank (MITB) match is usually the highlight of the show, but the WWE Championship one seems to be on the weak side. The fact that all four entrants are former champions doesn’t help.

    The Big Show and Kane seem like long shots to win, leaving this match to Chris Jericho and John Cena. The MITB match should be a chance for an up-and-coming wrestler to win the championship, not someone who has already been solidified as a star.   

Nobody Cashes in Their MITB Contract on the PPV

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    Kane is the only wrestler to cash in his briefcase the same night as winning it, when he did this two years ago. This trend will not change at this year’s Money in the Bank (MITB).

    Whoever wins their MITB match will hold their case until at least the next night on Raw. The WWE Championship briefcase will get cashed in before the end of the summer and the World Heavyweight Championship briefcase some time in 2013.

This Might Be the Worst MITB PPV Ever

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    The Money in the Bank (MITB) is usually one of the best PPVs of the year because of the high flying ladder matches and the opportunities they possess. This year, however, the show just seems mediocre.   

    Only the World Heavyweight MITB match seems interesting of the two ladder matches. The only match that will save this PPV is the CM Punk and Daniel Bryan one.

    The WWE blew it this year.