They Booked What for RAW?

brian moserContributor IFebruary 16, 2009

The February 16 edition of Monday Night RAW kicks off live from the Spokane Arena in beautiful Spokane Washington.

The powers that be have already booked a lackluster show as WWE Women's Champion Melina will defend the gold against Beth Phoenix.

What?!? Why?

These two women faced off last night at No Way Out in the dark match; a match that Melina won.  Why does the WWE feel that a match that was not fit for PPV is fit for the live RAW broadcast tonight?  Of course the difference is that the title is on the line and the WWE touts that Santino Marella and intern Rosa Mendes will be in Beth's corner. 

Here's a thought.  Ban Rosa and Santino from ringside and let the two diva's battle it out for the gold.  But why are we furthering a storyline from last night that didn't even make the show?

Then it gets worse as WWE Intercontinental Champion CM Punk teams up with Cryme Tyme to face Regal and Priceless?

I'm sorry, what?  What kind of garbage is this?  Who really cares? I am so thankful that I get RAW free on TV and didn't buy a ticket to see this worthless trash.

Oh but then it gets wrose—I mean, better—I mean, worse.

Rey Mysterio vs. Mike Knox

The WWE had the perfect opportunity to further this storyline last night in the RAW Elimination Chamber and did they?  Of course not.  They should have allowed Knox to put Rey through one of the pieces of glass on an EC pod or Eliminate Rey or something, but no, Mysterio made it to the final showdown with Edge.  Thankfully the writing was on the wall that Edge would indeed win.

This booking alone makes TNA Impact looking like a major pay per view compared to Monday Night RAW tonight. 

Now sure, it's been rumored that Roddy Piper is backstage tonight to further the storyine with Jericho and I'm sure we'll here from Stephanie about Shane and what will happen to Orton and John Cena will have something to say and so will HBK.

Is it any wonder that ratings will fall.

Let's get Flair back on with Jericho.  Let's have some real fallout from the Orton/Shane McMahon match.  Let's find out if it was Triple H that Stephanie was talking to and if so is he coming back to dominate RAW?

Is HBK headed to Smackdown for a WM showdown with the Undertaker or will the Undertaker find himself once more in a WM title match?

Forget about Cryme Tyme and Regal give us some quality booking and storylines that actually matter.