Need Your Votes in "Greatest Wrester Ever" Poll

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IFebruary 17, 2009

Bracket No. 1

Top Bracket: 

#1 Ric Flair vs. #16 Tito Santana

This is a good match with the stamina vs. speed. Tito cannot get Flair tired; he's the 60-minute man for a reason. This could be a possible upset, but i think with the presence of Flair he could have the advantage.

Flair is a 16-time world champ. Tito is a tag team and Intercontinental champ.


#8 RVD vs. #9 Ivan Koloff

A match someone can only think about; you have a former WWE, IC, European,Tag Team, Hardcore, ECW, ECW TV, ECW TAG champion who does the frog splash like no other.

He faces the "Russian Bear," the former WWWF champ, when he ended Bruno Sammartino's seven-year reign as champ. This is basically speed vs. power in what could be a classic match.


#7 Sting vs. #10 Eddie Graham

Sting is one of those wrestlers that everyone could see be their hero, with his matches with Flair and Hogan. He is a world champion and is facing one of the greatest wrestlers in Eddie Graham, a former US champ. This match up is even except for the fact of Sting mind games if they would work on Eddie.


#2 Pedro Morales vs. #15 Batista

This match would be great because of the power of both of these guys. Pedro is one of the greatest to lace up the boots, but when you are facing a guy named The Animal you could have some problems.

Pedro is a proven vet with 30 years under his belt, while Batista only has 7 years. Both have been world champs and it would be a interesting match.


Bottom Bracket:

#3 Ricky Steamboat vs. #14 Shelton Benjamin

This a great match up. These two are great and one has potential to exceed the other one day, but will he do it? The athleticism of both of these guys make it a great match up no doubt.

I would say that Steamboat has the advantage, but I can't be sure with Shelton. It will be a good match, though, with a lot of fast moves, so don't blink.


#6 Big Show vs. #11 Andre the Giant

The match that everyone wants to see but will never see. It is truly a dream match up of the two giants in wrestling. Just imagine these two in the same ring at the same time.

All I can say is WOW. I couldn't pick a winner if I wanted to.


#5 Rey Mysterio vs. # 12 Ted DiBiase

This a quality match up. I think experience is going to be a factor. Both are tag champs, but Rey is a world champ, even if some say its tainted because of Eddie Guerrero.

Ted DiBiase was one of the strongest heels in the WWE. I would give the experience factor to Rey in this one and that goes a long way.


#4 The Rock vs. #13 Peter Maivia

Grandfather vs. Grandson: what a match up! This could have been even though it would never happen ever. The Rock learned everything from his Grandfather, but Peter Mavia knows everything about Rock, so it could possibly be an upset.

Bracket No. 2

Top Bracket

#1 Shawn Michaels vs #16 George "Animal" Steele

This match is interesting for one reason these two are opposites and opposites attract and that's why it would be interesting not good but interesting. HBK is one of those special performs we will never see again and he gets the edge in ever categorie in this one. HBK is a champion in ever sense of the word.


#8 Larry Zbysko vs #9 Jeff Hardy

The reason Jeff is so far down is because you have to take in account to everyone but this match up is basically skills vs speed and craziness. This matchup is one in a million because one is a legend and one is becoming one.


#7 Eddie Guerrero vs #10 Davey Boy Smith

This another matchup speed vs power to fallen legends and hero's to some this would be a dream match to me because these had so much passion and heart for this business and the winner of this match would really be the fans.

I think this could be the closes voting out of all of the matchups.


#2 Stone Cold Steve Austin vs #15 Greg "Hammer" Valentine

This match up is one sided if i were to say because Austin is one of the greatest if not the greatest. Greg has been a champion and has had a wonderful career and has done everything perfect to a tee. I say Austin has got the edge in this one.


Bottom Bracket

#3 Hulk Hogan vs #14 Barry Windham

Hogan has been the flagship person for the last two decades and nothing will change that but Barry has a couple of championship's under his belt with a lot of big win's. This could go either way but Hogan get's the edge.


#6 Chris Jericho vs #11 Ivan Putski

The one and only Chris against Ivan is a pretty good match up Ivan has been a fan favorite all through out his career and has had a great career and is a Hall of Famer. Jericho still gets the edge out of the two in this one.


#5 Nick Bockwenikel vs #12 Terry Funk

This would sure be a classic these two have played heel's like no other they are so good at it and have had championship career's and I could pick a winner, but it's not up to me.


#4 Kurt Angle vs #13 "Cowboy" Bill Watts

Kurt is a submission machine a champion in every sense of the word like HBK and has some of the greatest matches ever seen and has the wrestling edge in this one but Bill is not a Hall of Famer for no reason.

Bracket No. 3

Top Bracket

#1 Brunno Sammartino vs #16 Lex Luger

Bruno is the greatest and is second on my list to Flair and I expect him to go far in this tournament but you decide and i think Bruno has the edge in this one.


#8 Pat Patterson vs #9 Dean Malenko

This truly a wrestling match up and really the greatest IC champ vs the greatest US champ ever i think this could be a main event match if there were in there prime today.


#7 Chris Beniot vs #10 Dusty Rhodes

The Crippler vs The American Dream what a match up that could be another close one. I think Chris is the better wrestler but Dusty has the heart and had it every time he held the title. This two combine 40 years of experience and heart in the ring and both have beaten the best. A great matchup...period.


#2 Undertaker vs #15 Killer Kolwoski

This is a scary match up on one side you have the Deadman and you have killer Kolwoski I mean this is a good match up in my mind. Undertaker gets the nod from me in this one and this would probably be the only safe pick I would pick now.


Bottom Bracket

#3 Verne Gange vs #14 Rick Rude

One has been champion on his own business organization and the other has been a stud in the business in till the day he died. Both Champion's and a great matchup. To me it's a toss up.


#6 Randy Orton vs #11 Iron Sheik

This is Randy Orton all the way to me he has the edge in a lot of categories and i think Sheik wouldn't have the mindset of the ring like Orton does. This would me a good match up and i still even though it would be Orton it's still a toss up in this one also. Randy Orton will be in his prime for maybe a decade or more.


#5 Harly Race vs #12 Owen Hart

This is a good matchup and I think I would go upset in this but it's Harley Race but then there's Owen it's hard to pick one I give the edge to Race in this one. Harley is the one of the greatest champs ever.


#4 Randy Savage vs #13 Cheif Jay Strongbow

The Macho Man has got the edge in this one a champion and has the best career someone could ask for. Strongbow has had battles with everyone but is one of the wrestlers that has the greatest heart and courage.

Top Bracket

#1 Bret Hart vs #16 Jimmy Snuka

Bret Hart is one if not the greatest and has everything to show for it. He is a champion and is certified top three ever. Jimmy Snuka is remembered for the jump of the top of the ladder in MSG. I give Bret the edge in this one.


#8  Freddie Blassie vs #9 John Cena

These two made the sport bigger than it was at the era they were in. Cena has been champion almost half of the time he has been there. Blassie on the other hand is in the top-5 ever and has been a champion through out his life. I see a close one here.


#7 Booker T vs #10 Sgt. Slaughter

I think these two have been great champion's at the time they were heel or face. Booker has done a lot of great things outside of the tag team division when Harlem Heat broke up. Sgt. was a great champ like Booker but I think Booker gets the edge in this one.


#2 Triple HHH vs #15 Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndoff

I think these two would been great if they got the chance to face each other and it would been a great match because they have that IT factor in both of them. Triple HHH has been a colorful champion and has beaten them all and then beaten them again. I like HHH in a match like this i would give the edge to him.


Bottom Bracket

#3 Mr. Perfect vs #14 Mick Foley

How interesting would this have been The Perfect One vs The Hardcore Legend. I love these two worked the crowd in there career. I think these two will be in thought's of everyone for decades to come I like Mr.p Perfect because he is Perfect I give him the edge.


#6 Edge vs #11 Jesse Ventura

Both have something in common there prime came in the second half of there career and have made most of it and it would be hard to choose because both have something about them that got them to the championship.

Edge has held 25 titles you would be lucky to hold one in your career. Jesse had the chance to face Hogan but the trigger was never pulled that could have put him over the top in his career. This is one is also a toss up.


#5 Buddy Rogers vs #12 Kane

WOW what a match up this could have been. I think Buddy Rogers could out smart Kane in any type of match and i would give Buddy the edge in almost every category. So this will be close in the voting because I think this could be an upset but it would be close.


#4 Roddy "Rowdy" Piper vs #13 Gorilla Moonson

I think Piper could put Gorilla asleep fast but Gorilla is always a what if so it could be good match Piper never got the world title but is the greatest IC champ in my book. I would definitely give the edge to Piper in this one.


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