Oklahoma Football: Blake Bell Must Play Larger Role for Sooners to Compete

Brad WashingtonCorrespondent IIJuly 9, 2012

Ohlahoma's Backup Quarterback/Wildcat back Blake Bell
Ohlahoma's Backup Quarterback/Wildcat back Blake BellChristian Petersen/Getty Images

Would it be much of a stretch to say Tim Tebow initiated the dynamic freshman trend of college football teams using their talented freshmen sparingly as X-factors?

Well. Depends on how you look at it.

But if you say yes Tim Tebow did, then rising redshirt sophomore Blake Bell can be added to that list of freshmen who shook their teams for the greater good.

Last season, Blake Bell in the last six games alone, tallied 13 touchdowns on just 41 rushes. Can you even do that in a video game?

I doubt it, and with three carries in relief duty against Ball State a few games before his debut as a main contributor against Kansas State, Blake Bell finished with 44 carries and 171 yards on the ground in primarily red-zone/goal-line situations.

Of course, we just can't forget the 13 touchdowns.

But for Oklahoma to succeed in the now small Big 12, Bob Stoops must realize that Landry Jones alone won't keep them in the national title race. This means more time on the field for Blake Bell.

Every National Championship team has to have that ex-factor who can decide games off of their big-time play making ability.

Tim Tebow for Florida, Trent Richardson for Alabama in 2009, Michael Dyer for Auburn.

Each of those players played background roles for their title-winning teams. Blake Bell has to play an even bigger role for Oklahoma so that they can get back to the title game.

More rushes? That will be easy, and hard to stop. At 6'6'' and 245 lbs, he has the size of Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton and the strength of Newton and New York Jets Quarterback Tim Tebow; both of whom he draws comparisons to.

But what will make him even more lethal is to let him pass it a bit more. He was highly recruited out of high school even though he was redshirted a year.

Anybody will probably throw red flags in the air to discredit him as a passer because he is still embroiled in a backup position battle with Drew Jones, but because of what he can do with his feet, whatever he does with his hands will be easier.

The "Belldozer" package, as Bob Stoops calls it, should be ran at a more frequent pace than they did last year. The package can be unstoppable in scoring situations. Ask Baylor and Iowa.

You may say that everyone on the defensive side of the ball will know who will be getting the ball and what will happen. Two things:

1. What will that mean if the defense can't stop it? And,

2. That's the beauty of reads and play fakes. If Blake Bell can improve on his passing to the point Bob Stoops will let him air it out, he can be an overwhelming force.

Is all of this to say he takes Landry Jones job? Not in any way. But to say Blake Bell's role in the offense shouldn't increase is just being oblivious to his production last year.

TCU and West Virginia are entering the Big 12 this year. Oklahoma State, Kansas State and Baylor shouldn't go anywhere, and Texas should bounce back. So Blake Bell must perform this year in order to get Oklahoma a ticket to a national title game.

We shall see what changes, the Belldozer package goes through on September 1st against UTEP at 9 PM.