Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is Just a NASCAR Driver; He's Not God or the Grand Poobah

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IFebruary 16, 2009

On my daily journey through cyberspace (the Internet), I have noticed a abundance of journalists and bloggers who have taken it upon themselves to pound Dale Earnhardt Jr., I guess it gives them cheap copy that will bring them thousands of readers.

I personally am not a fan of Dale Earnhardt Jr., but I really like to see folks being fair when talking about others. Nothing wrong with an "in your face" comment, but it's got to be done with fairness in mind.

Here is an example of what I'm talking about. Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets lots of press and has many defenders in the media.

You probably saw the best example of that in Sunday's Fox broadcast, you know, the one where the three brothers, Larry, his brother, Darrell, and his other brother, Darrell, tried to do the political flip-flop, you know the one where "you were for it before you were against it."

That was in regards to who was at fault in the wreck with Mr. Vickers.

Now! Tell me, how is it Earnhardt's fault if the dynamic trio of the Fox broadcast did what they did? I dont think he called them to ask them to defend him, did he?

Also, many criticize him for al  that attention he gets and call him the most overrated driver in NASCAR. Again, how is that his fault? Who is overrating him? Is Jr. promoting himself as the greatest? 

I have never gotten that from hearing him talk, have you? He's always been very humble on the interviews I've seen.

In many cases, all this promotion is no more than some of the old NASCAR guard understanding that standing next to a Jr. Nation and talking it up can bring instant credibility to themselves.

Let me be clear! I'm not attacking anyone in particular, but I would guess there is some instances where that may be the case. Agree?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. appears to be a good man and a good race car driver. That's all he is.

He doesn't walk on water, I'm sure he would tell you that himself, he is not God or the Savior of NASCAR, he's a driver of a stock car who probably likes to hang out with his buddies and drink a few beers just like you and me.

Did he punt Mr. Vickers on purpose? Who cares?, I think he did! So what! Happens all the time in every type of racing I've seen, Did it upset you? Well then, go watch Rally Racing! They only hit trees!

I think in a moment of anger, he punted Mr. Vickers out of frustration. So what! The guy is human, he will learn from it and let's move on to California and as the Sopranos would say "FUHGEDDABOUTIT!" 

One more thing: in the spirit of being fair I asked myself, how would I feel if he had wrecked my favorite driver, Juan Pablo Montoya? Well, I can't answer that, because it did not happen. God bless you all and good night.