Oklahoma Football: Kenny Stills' Dress Pic Shows How Nothing Goes Away Online

Erin Sorensen@erinsorensenContributor IJuly 9, 2012

WACO, TX - NOVEMBER 19:  Kenny Stills #4 of the Oklahoma Sooners at Floyd Casey Stadium on November 19, 2011 in Waco, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The power of the Internet strikes again. The victim this time? Oklahoma wide receiver Kenny Stills.

What appeared to be a joke has left Stills with many confused comments on message boards and Twitter. Some seem to get the joke, while others clearly do not appreciate the photo of Stills wearing a dress.

Regardless, one thing is certain: Nothing goes away on the Internet.

Stills has Twitter to thank for how quickly his photo made the rounds. Even players at nearby universities were talking, including Oklahoma State linebacker Jeremiah Tshimanga. In a tweet, he was quoted as saying, "What is Kenny Stills wearing ?... Smh, I don't want to know why ..I guess this is what they do at OU."

However, even Tshimanga learned the hard way that what you put on the Internet can often be misinterpreted. Not long after deleting the original tweet, he followed up with this one:

I know it was just a funny picture to show for fun, don't get it twisted I have much respect for OU and all my friends there.

— Jeremiah Tshimanga ™ (@OSU_Linebacker) July 5, 2012

This may not be that embarrassing for Stills. After all, something much worse could have been posted. A photo of the wideout in a dress seems mostly harmless in the big scheme of things.

However, Stills shouldn't expect this photo to go away anytime soon.

Many college athletes do not often realize the impact that one little post on Twitter can make. Stills has become the most recent poster child for how powerful the Internet can be. I'm sure he would caution against posting anything now that he's seen just how quickly things spread.

Plus, opposing teams' fans can be ruthless with something such as this.

In Stills' case though, one little photo of him in a dress won't keep him from being Landry Jones' main target in 2012. If anything, it may give him an advantage. While others are busy worrying about him in a dress, he'll be worrying about himself and his team's success.

It still doesn't mean the photo will go away though, especially if ESPN's College GameDay makes a visit to Normon, Okla.

A crowd full of Kenny Stills-in-a-dress posters—now that will be a sight to see.