Viral Video of the Day: Neymar Dives, Fakes Injury, Gets Opponent Booked

Michael CummingsWorld Football Lead WriterJuly 9, 2012

We've already seen the highlights, the moves, the goals and the control (well, if not, here you go).

Today, we see something else.

Today's B/R Viral Video of the Day features Neymar, everybody's favorite mohawked Brazilian wunderkind, taking a blatant dive, faking an injury and getting an opponent booked unfairly.

If that sounds harsh, it's not. Take a look at the video and see for yourself.

Upon first viewing, you might be fooled. Don't worry, the ref was too. Once you see it again, though, you won't have any doubt.

That was a dive, and it was an egregious one at that. It came in a recent match against Gremio, and after the dive, Santos scored from the free kick.

Santos went on to win the match 4-2, if you're interested.

So, then, how egregious is this dive?

I'm reminded of Jurgen Klinsmann against Argentina in the 1990 World Cup final. The difference, of course, is that this clip comes from a game that wasn't quite as big.

But the rest is there: the dive after little or no contact, the rolling, the writhing, the feigned agony and, of course, the booking.

This brings up an interesting question. How are we to treat Neymar when he does stuff like this? He's already a world-famous superstar, and in the minds of many, he can do little wrong.

But if we're going to praise Neymar for all his best qualities (and by all means, I think we should), then we should also tell it like it is when he's not so admirable.

What do you think, readers? Full condemnation for Neymar? Or do we let it slide this one time?

(h/t Who Ate All The Pies)