Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre: Why Silva Would Make Quick Work of GSP

Hunter Homistek@HunterAHomistekCorrespondent IJuly 9, 2012

Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre: Why Silva Would Make Quick Work of GSP

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    Anderson Silva versus Georges "Rush" St. Pierre would be the most disappointing fight of all time. 

    "The Spider" and GSP are unquestionably the two biggest stars in the UFC, and a matchup would draw fans in hordes unlike any other fight before it. 

    The hype would be almost comically overblown.

    The anticipation would be unlike anything fight fans have felt before.

    The bout itself, however, would be a one-sided beatdown, and Anderson Silva would swing the hammer. 

    You think you want to see this fight, but you really do not, and here are three reasons why this superfight would be a super dud.  


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    Anderson Silva is the greatest striker in UFC history, and he has put his eight limbs of fury to work in all 15 of his UFC appearances (which were all victories if you were curious). 

    He strikes with a lethal precision not found by any other mixed martial artist, and his power is deceptive. He can drop opponents with a falling away jab just as easily as he can land an explosive front kick like the one pictured above. 

    "The Spider" turns out his opponents' lights, and he does so in the most beautiful of fashions.

    Conversely, GSP cannot finish a third grader's homework. He can lay on it and control it like nobody's business, but he always leaves the last blank unfinished.  

    It could be something simple, like "What is the capital of Texas?" or "How do you finish Dan Hardy on the ground when you have him there for 24 minutes," but GSP will not pen in his response.

    Silva will, though, and in a matchup he would punch, kick and knee "Rush" in ways nobody has before.  

    GSP is a good striker; Silva is the best ever.

    This would be obvious in a potential matchup.  

Takedown Defense/Attacking Ground Game

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    Some may say Anderson Silva has "poor" takedown defense, but, prior to being taken down at will against Chael Sonnen at UFC 117, "The Spider" successfully defended 84 percent of his opponents' takedowns, the best percentage by any middleweight fighter in UFC history.

    It is easy to focus on the times he was taken down (against Henderson and Lutter, for example), but that is the case in any sport or in any aspect of life, for that matter. When somebody does one thing exceptionally well, it always leaves an impression when they deviate from said excellence. 

    Such is the case with Silva. Even though GSP has arguably the best wrestling in MMA, it is not like he lands 100 percent of his takedown attempts. 

    Against Silva, missing even one means more time on his feet and more time in the danger zone of Silva's lethal limbs. 

    Compounding this, even if he does get Silva to the mat, "The Spider" has shown that he has a capable bottom game, as he showed in submission victories over Chael Sonnen and Travis Lutter. 

    GSP might be safer on top of Anderson Silva than he is standing, but he would have to get the fight there first. I'm not so sure that he could, and that spells trouble for the Canadian superstar. 


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    Anderson Silva may look small compared to LeBron James, but, at 6'2", 220 lbs. (before cutting weight), Silva is a large man by most standards. 

    On the other hand, Georges St. Pierre is 5'11", 190 lbs. soaking wet, and that puts him at a significant size disadvantage against "The Spider." 

    There are weight classes for a reason, and this size difference would play a huge role in a potential superfight between the two champions. 

    Silva would use his length and size to overwhelm GSP and, despite his incredible conditioning and athleticism, "Rush" would be unable to overcome this physical difference. 

    GSP has never fought somebody as big or as skilled as Silva, so when you combine the two, disaster looms. 

    I know it is enticing and "UFC 158: St. Pierre vs. Silva" looks awesome, but this fight would be a runaway victory for the greatest fighter of all time. 

    "The Spider" can be squashed, as can any man, but Georges St. Pierre is not the one to do it.

    Who do you think is?