Michigan Will Beat Ohio State—One of Five Predictions for 2009

SpencerContributor IFebruary 16, 2009

Now before I make my predictions, I am writing this "rticle as more of a conversation starter. I am curious to see what other Michigan fans think of my predictions. For the record, I am a die-hard UofM fan so some of my predictions may seem far fetched (i.e. my 2009 record prediction).


1. Denard Robinson Will Be the Starting QB

For some reason, I am a firm believer that Denard Robinson will be Michigan's next starting quarterback. I say this loosely, however, as Tate Forcier and Denard will probably share the time up until the MSU game. Honestly, I do think that Denard Robinson will strike a "deeper" connection with RR and steal the show. I see Denard Robinson becoming the Pat White of the Big Ten. However, I hope that whomever gets the starting job does great.


2. Tate Forcier will be the third UofM QB to transfer in three years

This is just a gut feeling based on my first prediction being right. Also this could go for Denard as well. If Tate gets the job and Denard does not want to play any position other than QB, lookout for him to transfer to a Florida school.


3. Michigan goes 1-2 in rivalry games in 2009

Notre Dame= loss

MSU= loss

Ohio State= Win

So I'm sure that if any OSU fans are reading this, I'm going to get some trolls on the discussion board. Here's my reasoning for these predictions:

Notre Dame: The game will be very early in the season and with lots of young talent on the field. Notre Dame pulls off an upset late in the game.

MSU: State is going to suffer after losing Ringer but look to this game to be the real turning point in the season for UofM. After this loss, Michigan's only other loss will be to Penn State.

Ohio State: Michigan will win this game. Look for this one to go down in history as one of the greatest games ever played. There will be a late second half comeback from Michigan. Denard or Tate run in a 20-plus yard TD to take the lead with less than a minute left. Then on the ensuing drive, either Will Campbell or Justin Turner will do something huge. Campbell comes up big with a sack or Turner with an interception. Either way, Pryor gets rocked.


4. Michigan's final regular season record is...

9-3. That's right I said it 9-3, with losses coming from Notre Dame, MSU, and Penn State. Yes I know I'm being very optimistic but I truly believe that either Tate or Denard will emerge as a true freshman and lead the Wolverines to an unbelievable season (considering the expectations are so low).


5. Michigan makes a New Year's Day bowl

No BCS. No Rose Bowl. Ohio State will win the Big Ten with their only loss of the season coming from Michigan. 9-3 will not be good enough to even get close to BCS consideration but look for UofM to play in some New Year's Day bowl. I'm guessing the Citrus Bowl.