Wroxer Takes Pro Wrestling, MMA into Superhero Spectrum

Robert AitkenAnalyst IJuly 8, 2012

Photo courtesy of wroxer.com
Photo courtesy of wroxer.com

As MMA fans reflect on last night's pay-per-view, TNA fans prepare for Destination X tonight and WWE fans get ready for the last week of programming before Money in the Bank, there is something lurking on the horizon that can please any of those fans. As kids, many look upon stars in sports as their heroes.

Wroxer brings the respect and honor of mixed martial arts, the theatrics and entertainment of professional wrestling, as well as the heroics that cartoon superheros has brought over the years, and brings them all together for the first time ever.

The story follows Robby Walker, an underdog MMA fighter from Chicago, and his friends, who are referred to as The Core. The Core also includes Johnny Novak, a Canadian pro wrestler with muscles bigger than his brain... much bigger. Miko Aguchi rounds out the trio as a karate-mastering 19-year old girl from Tokyo. What makes The Core so special are the orbs that they wield. Scattered around the Earth are orbs with different elements represented.

These orbs help each member of The Core to adapt into a superhuman version of themselves. Robby's orange fire orb adapts him into Sprawler. Johnny's yellow electricity orb adapts him into Johnny Nova. Miko's pink life orb adapts her into Kata.

What would heroes be without enemies? To combat The Core is a group known simply as "Void." Leading Void is Zack Walker, the brother of Robby. The two brothers were separated at a young age and Zack turned to a life of crime on the streets of Chicago. Sakura Miyagi is also a part of Void. Her stern disciplinary tactics as a teacher in Okinawa, Japan led her to be banned from teaching. From Parts Unknown comes Ruin, a former wrestling champion whose reckless attitude in the ring has gotten him banished from wrestling.

Just as their counterparts, Void also possesses orbs. Just like the cold streets of Chicago, Zack owns a blue ice orb to adapt into Wrath. Like Miko, Sakura also possesses a pink orb of life, but hers is darker and gives her the ability to bring the dead back to life. Her orb enables her to adapt into Arashi. Ruin's unstoppable abilities become even more dangerous with a yellow electricity orb, helping him adapt into the lethal Fission.

Wroxer is headed by Simon Edwards, the executive producer of the project, as well as Dr. Robert Dickman, the CEO of Wroxer. Edwards is a former producer and editor for WWE and current senior producer and editor for TNA. Edwards is quoted by N3rdgazm as saying that “Wroxer blends the philosophy of Mixed Martial Arts with the entertainment value of Professional Wrestling and merges it with a great story and lots of cool characters."

He couldn't be any more right. The cartoon tries to keep the entertainment of those sports alive, while also making them to be more than simply fighting your opponent and destroying them. It becomes another avenue for parents to introduce their children to the violence that is seen in many places of society. Wroxer at least shows kids why people fight and that the purpose of MMA and wrestling isn't always to destroy someone else.

Not only does this project get inspired from the worlds of MMA and pro wrestling, but it also is assisted and supported by members of both communities. TNA superstar Abyss already lends his voice to the character of Fission. In videos produced by Wroxer, they also advertise TNA superstar Kurt Angle to lend his voice to a future character. It's anyone's guess to who in MMA or pro wrestling will be the next one to contribute to Wroxer.

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