Silva vs. Sonnen II: Why Silva Needs to Move Up to Light Heavyweight

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2012

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

It finally happened. Anderson Silva cleared the Chael Sonnen obstacle in front of him at UFC 148 and cleared one of the last hurdles to cement his legacy.

There is one more hurdle in front of him, though, and that is more dominating performances at light heavyweight.

Silva has dominated James Irvin and former UFC light heavyweight champion, Forrest Griffin, at 205 pounds. We need more of those performances—especially considering there aren't many challenges left at middleweight.

Silva has made the middleweight division look silly, slow and just all-around rudimentary since he entered the UFC against Chris Leben just six years ago.

He has held the division hostage and it seems like the right time for Silva to make the leap up one weight class and prove that his two wins at light heavyweight were no flukes.

Of course, a move to light heavyweight would be met with the fans wanting to see a super fight between Silva and current light heavyweight champion and top-three pound-for-pound fighter, Jon Jones.

Silva might be the only man on the planet who can stop the Jon Jones train that has seemingly run over everybody else with ease.

The move up makes sense for Silva. He is only a couple of fights from clearing out the division and, the last couple of times at light heavyweight, he looked really, really good.

Also, from a promoting standpoint, having the former middleweight champion on a card and an added title fight on it will help sell more pay-per-views. Just the sheer possibility of a Jones-Silva title fight will help sell cards while Silva builds his way up to the title shot.

Question is, would Silva be willing to fight Jones? That probably is a no. Both fighters are friends and, before Silva entered the cage last night, he received a warm handshake from the light heavyweight champion.

The idea of the super fight and how good Silva has looked at light heavyweight are just too good to pass up and should be the next move for the middleweight champ.