WWE Rumors: What If AJ Was the Mysterious Woman from the Chris Jericho Promos?

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIJuly 8, 2012

Who was/is this girl? Image by Wrestling Match.com
Who was/is this girl? Image by Wrestling Match.com

Chris Jericho is a veteran performer of the ring.

He is a multiple-time world champion, intercontinental champion and tag team champion. He is one of the few remaining active GRAND SLAM champions and his current run, despite some losses, is still well received by fans worldwide.

However, could one of his best angles be on the way? Is one of his grandest schemes about to come to fruition after much toil and trouble?

What I am referring to is his imminent WWE championship victory. This epiphany came to me when I read a comment from one of my readers by the name of "CM PUNK SAVED ME." He wrote a comment on my previous article that opened my eyes to something that eluded me since the beginning.

For the record, I owe him credit for this piece since he/she inspired me. Thank you.

Who is the mysterious woman from the Y2J cryptic videos? Could it have been AJ all along?

Remember that Chris Jericho is the master. 

Master of the ring, master on the mic and...master manipulator!

How could I have not seen this?!

Though still a theory, it is brilliant! AJ wasn't doing much earlier this year and CM Punk had defeated Y2J many times already, but who really is the best in the world at what he does?

There is more to it than athletic ability and the way you can hold your own on TV. A true master plans ahead, finds a way and, above all else, has patience and waits for the right moment.

Money in the Bank is right around the corner and guess what? Chris Jericho is in the Raw Ladder match. My gut tells me he is going to win and so will CM Punk that night.

AJ will count the shoulders of her former lover (Daniel Bryan) 1-2-3 and humiliate him at last for all the evils he'd done her.

The "crazy chick" will have perhaps won the trust of the retaining WWE Champion (although CM Punk is no fool) and the story will continue on to what I suspect will be the main event of SummerSlam: WWE Champion CM Punk vs. John Cena, one on one.

They will have an amazing match as always, but the outcome will be shocking. AJ will play her part so well both mega stars will be swayed by her act, and then he strikes!

Chris Jericho, the MITB winner, cashes in his contract and defeats whomever holds the gold. 

He not only wins back a prize he hasn't held for years, but also sticks it to his two greatest nemeses. The master plan having been excellently executed, Y2J walks away all smiles with his lovely "Jezabel" by his side.

It kind of all makes sense when you think about it. The master woos the young, naive girl into helping him and, in return, he helps make her a huge heat-magnet super Diva.

Afterwards on Raw, from what I can deduct from years of Jericho-watching, the Ayatollah will reveal everything and declare she had been part of this plan for months. 

The reason? She just looooves rock stars. A brand new Fozzy (or Y2J) groupie and a crazy one at that. 

AJ has a lot of potential and this could be the start of a great career for her. She is already doing great as it is, but she could go a lot further. Maybe even bring back some steam to the dying Divas division, but one thing at a time. Patience, remember?

What do you think about all this, folks? Isn't this all grounds for perhaps one of the best storylines in recent years? Would that be cause to tune into the new three-hour Raw formula? 

It would definitely be less boring and the best part is: more Chris Jericho and AJ on TV!

He really is the best in the world...at everything!