WWE News: John Laurinaitis Continues to Be Stripped of Real-Life Duties

Voodoo MagicSenior Analyst IJuly 8, 2012

from wwe.com
from wwe.com

Wrestlezone has posted an article about John Laurinaitis, specifically with regards to his real-life duties in WWE:

According to The Wrestling Observer, John Laurinaitis is losing even more "real life" powers in WWE since being removed as the Vice President of Talent Relations.

The report notes that more and more of Laurinaitis' duties have been relegated to new hires in the company that have been brought in by Triple H.

Additionally, it's being said that Pete Leone has been given more responsibility in the Talent Relations department of WWE.


I wonder who Laurinaitis has angered to get these demotions/replacements in recent months. Laurinaitis had been the vice president of talent relations for a long time (he replaced Jim Ross).

While he was known for making some strange decisions—hiring models out of catalogs who had no interest or skill in wrestling, hiring "the wrong one-legged wrestler"—this precipitous fall from grace he has been experiencing recently has been shocking to say the least.

First he gets fired as GM—a bad move which I didn't think was coming (they had spent a lot of time trying to build him up and he was improving to some degree). Then he starts getting his real backstage duties taken from him and delegated elsewhere.

I'm wondering if it's Triple H that he's angered here.

For a long time, Laurinaitis was Vince McMahon's main lackey. However, since Vince is slowly but surely handing over the day-to-day operations to Triple H, perhaps Triple H wanted to phase Big Johnny out.

If this is the case, I have to give Triple H credit.

He doesn't seem like he wants to surround himself with "yes men" and cronies, and he wants to legitimately restore the glory of WWE (as evidenced by his strong pitch to get Bruno Sammartino in the Hall of Fame).