Delayed Impact: Adrian Peterson's Arrest Will Not Affect the Minnesota Vikings

Andrew GardaFeatured ColumnistJuly 7, 2012

More painful? Ligament tears or arrest?
More painful? Ligament tears or arrest?Patrick Smith/Getty Images

As of right now, we really have no clear picture of what went down last night between Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, an off-duty Houston Police officer working as a bouncer and Houston police.

What we can do is take a look at the long-term issues which might result based on each potential scenario.

The reality is, though, that unless Peterson did something very out of character and even worse than we've seen on TMZ or Pro Football Talk, he shouldn't face suspension. At the very worst, he might end up in the Drug Treatment Program and that will be that.

(On a side note, when we're looking at TMZ and PFT for most of the news on things, maybe it's time to consider the Mayans were onto something by predicting the world ending in 2012.)

The reason is quite simple, and frankly one of the reasons many have leaped to conclusions on Twitter and elsewhere in regards to what really happened: Peterson is by all reports one of the most polite and friendly players out there.

He has no prior incidents resembling this during his time in the league. He's never been in the program before and first timers (especially big-time guys like Peterson) aren't going to feel the steel-toed boot of Commissioner Goodell.

Let's also consider his status as a star. The bigger the star, the harder it is to get into huge trouble. Now, if Peterson did assault officers in uniform, that could be 'huge.' Shoving an off-duty officer who is a bouncer is (according to my friends on Twitter) not the same.

Allegedly there is video, so this will sort itself out quickly. Either way, though, it's unlikely Peterson will see suspension and equally unlikely we see a repeat incident which warrants a suspension. Again, it just isn't something we expect from Peterson.

There is one final point I want to touch on, one which we always talk about when a player is arrested or otherwise in trouble after midnight, for a guy who is rehabbing a knee, should he be out past 2 a.m.?

I'm not one to tell a grown man, an adult, what he can and can't do at any time of the night. There is certainly plenty of evidence to suggest that truly, 'nothing good ever happens when you're out after 2 a.m."

However, an adult is in control of his own life and that is just as true for a professional athlete as it is for a guy working at 7-11.

Of course, the guy working at 'The Sev' isn't making millions of dollars and acting as the face of a multi-million dollar organization.

Should Peterson have been out so late, whether with family or not, whether he is rehabbing a knee, a nose or nothing?

There's no simple answer to that.

As an adult, he certainly has the right.

As a player in the NFL, he should probably have thought twice about it.

Whatever really happened Friday night/Saturday morning, I'd imagine next time, he will.

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