UFC 148: Latest Loss Proves It's Time John Alessio Gave Up His UFC Dream

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIJuly 8, 2012

image from sportsnet.ca
image from sportsnet.ca

John Alessio needs to go away for good—at least as far as the UFC is concerned. He is 0-for-Dana White's company after losing his fourth bout for the big company with the little name.

This loss came at the hands of Shane Roller. Alessio has never won a UFC bout, and he's been trying since he was 20 years old. He's 34-16, so obviously there are some wins and losses in other promotions, but on the biggest stage he has come up empty.

Only one of his fights has even been a marquee matchup when it comes to UFC competition. Way back in 2000, he was submitted by the great Pat Miletich for Welterweight title.

But ever since then, he's been appearing and losing on lower-levels of the card.

This last loss was especially disgraceful—not because he wasn't competitive, he had his moments. But because he became so frustrated at the waning moments of the third round that he embarrassed himself.

He began to shout at Roller, who was firmly in control, and on top of him: "come on, you wanna fight me? Let's fight."

Um, John. He is fighting you and that's why he's hammer-fisting you repeatedly in the face.

As the final bell sounded, Alessio showed more frustration by yelling an obscenity at Roller.

His frustration is understandable. Alessio is a gamer who gives great effort, but 16 MMA losses is a lot. He's only been knocked out twice, but the punishment he's taken over the years—both physically and mentally—got the best of him last night.

The chances of Alessio suddenly rising through the ranks of the lightweights to become a contender are slight. At this point, I wouldn't call it absurd to speculate that White may end Alessio's dream for him.

Sometimes you have to know when to let it go.


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