WWE Raw 1000th Episode: John Cena Is the Best Man to Be the First Failed Cash in

Al ConstableSenior Analyst IJuly 20, 2012

Source: WWE Predictions.com
Source: WWE Predictions.com

So Money in the Bank has come and gone, with many calling it one of the most bland PPVs of the year. Many of the matches ended as people predicted, nothing overtly interesting or ground-breaking happened, and John Cena once again main-evented a PPV at the expense of the WWE championship.

Still, that is a debate that has been had many times over the past few months, and I have no interest in the matter as of this moment. What interests me is the prize he won at the event. The ability to have a shot at the WWE championship whenever he wants.

As expected, Cena went the route of the good guy and gave the current champion CM Punk notice to when the cash-in would occur. Despite WWE's own Cult of Personality being beaten and weakened at the end of last Monday night's show after a thrashing from Big Show, Cena announced he will face Punk at the milestone 1,000th episode of Raw.

I have no problem with Cena doing this. He's had the briefcase cashed in on him before and has been vocal in his criticism of those that use it for an easy win. It may be frustrating for WWE to once again make Cena their top dog in the chase for the championship, but I personally find the lack of consistency and continuity more frustrating.

With that said, I feel the route the company have taken on Cena's win had given them a golden opportunity to get rid of a question that always hangs around the holders of the briefcases. Will they be the first one to fail?

Roughly since the first PPV centered around this match, a big deal has been made about the fact that every holder of the case has gone on to win their respective world championship. This means that it is going to be a big deal when someone eventually walks away empty handed.

The person who fails will unfortunately have somewhat of a major blemish on their career (at least for a short while). For less seasoned and successful WWE wrestlers it could pretty much end their chances of ever making it in the company. After all, a career in professional wrestling is very much dependent on your reputation and being known as the guy who failed isn't exactly going to help.

This is why it makes sense for John Cena to not win the WWE championship this Monday. The man has won a combined total of 12 world championships, four tag team championships and three United States championships. For approximately seven years, he has been the guy to beat in the company.

Cena already has the necessary reputation to overcome experiencing such a negative event. It may leave some fans with a bitter taste in their mouth to see Cena once again rise up unaffected by a blip in his career, but it would be to the benefit of future guys who could be booked to lose their golden opportunity in the future.

Just to make my point clearer, let's take a former winner like Daniel Bryan but imagine what would have happened if he failed to win his world championship match. WWE would have probably not only pushed the fact that he lost but was the first person to ever do so.

Instead of the run he was given after winning the belt which led to him becoming on the better heels in the company, he would have probably been given a short story based around the event and then faded into obscurity.

Obviously, this is just my own conjecture, but I think it would have been the most likely outcome.

Now, notice how I said Cena should be the first person to fail at cashing in rather than to lose. The end of Raw saw Cena and Big Show once again have a disagreement that resulted in the World's Largest Athlete taking a briefcase shot to the head. If the WWE have decided to continue this feud, there is a good chance Show will interfere come Monday and cause a DQ or no contest.

In my opinion, since WWE have tried hard to build up the 1,000th episode, it would be a big mistake. No one likes those sort of endings for title matches. Then again, supposedly a major angle will begin according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and if it's exciting enough the fans would be willing to forgive.

In addition to getting rid of such a major negative from the Money in the Bank match, this will also help current champion CM Punk. Despite holding the belt for nearly eight months, the lack of main event exposure has failed to legitimise him as a top guy.

John Cena has been the shadow over Punk's decent-lengthed run. A victory could help WWE promote him more as an alternate as opposed to the No. 2 guy.

Regardless of what happens, it would be in the best interests of the company to not let John Cena win the WWE championship this Monday. For the sake of future Money in the Bank victors and the current roster.