WWE Raw 1,000: 5 Candidates for a General Manager to Be Named on the Show

Joseph Lisnow@@lisnowjCorrespondent IIIJuly 8, 2012

WWE Raw 1,000: 5 Candidates for a General Manager to Be Named on the Show

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    WWE Monday Night Raw and SmackDown have had a number of general managers over the last 10 years. Some were great and others had no business holding that storyline role.

    On the 1,000th episode of Raw, a new general manager for both brands will be announced, replacing the recently fired John Laurinaitis.

    The general manager is an important role, and expect a big name to take the position in such a monumental moment for the show.

    What the WWE needs to do is make it someone who has never held the role before, bring something fresh to the table.

    Here, in order, are the top five candidates to be named the new general manager on WWE Monday Night Raw’s 1,000th episode.  

Roddy Piper

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    Roddy Piper speaks his mind and would make a great general manager. He was the first to drop the pipe bomb, long before Paul Heyman and CM Punk.

    He is one of the most recognized names from the '80s and his presence is still felt today. The WWE needs someone with attitude to run both brands and nobody delivers that better then Piper. He can be a face or heel at a moment’s notice, which helps too.

    Piper can restore order to the WWE or help create chaos. There is nothing better than an authority figure that can take control and help destroy everything all through the use of a microphone.

Shawn Michaels

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    Shawn Michaels was once the WWE Commissioner, but never the general manager. Always the consistent performer, it’s now time for Michaels to begin a different role in the WWE.

    He’s retired from being an active wrestler and that doesn’t seem like it’s going to change. As much as he states that he wants to stay home with his family, the WWE will always want him to appear on TV. He has and continues to draw so many fans to the business as one of the greatest wrestlers ever.

    Michaels might be the most unlikely name to become the new general manager, but the WWE would love for him to return, as would the fans. 

John Bradshaw Layfield

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    John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) never seems to be at a loss for words. His brash attitude and the easiness to hate the man makes him a great general manager.

    A general manager who is a heel always works better than one who is a face. The general manager should always be disliked, so the fans continue to watch every week to hopefully see that moment when he gets knocked down a peg.

    JBL has been gone from WWE TV for some time now and he should come back to take charge. The former WWE Champion and self-made millionaire could return as an instant heel to change how both brands have been run lately.


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    Edge’s WWE career was cut short because of an injury. While he's not under contract anymore, this would be great time to resign him and allow him to continue his young career that ended too soon.

    Of everybody on this list, he is the most relevant to the current WWE audience. His retirement and induction into the WWE Hall of Fame has all occurred within the last 15 months.

    What helps make Edge a great candidate is that he can have a storyline with so many of the wrestlers who are active on the roster. Since he was forced to retire early, he can continue several relevant storylines with some of them.

Ric Flair

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    Since he quit or was fired by TNA, Ric Flair’s name has come up for discussion around the internet. Most expect him to rejoin the WWE as he has many friends in the higher-up positions and he needs money desperately.

    Since the WWE will never allow him to wrestle again, let him be the general manager. Flair can still take a beating from a wrestler just not wrestle them in an official match, so this scenario works.

    In his mid-60s, he can still cut one of the best promos in the business. While many may not be pleased with how he left the WWE and continued to wrestle, there is no denying that he is one of the best of all time.