Alex Rodriguez Has Some More Explaining To Do

Kevin RozellSenior Writer IFebruary 16, 2009

(Zell's Pinstripe Blog)

Alex Rodriguez has more explaining to do. If Alex just said that he used steroids and ended the interview right there, maybe he would be in a better situation. The most important thing is that he admitted using performance enhancing drugs, but he needs to address the other issues.

It could really help his image if these things are cleared up, and many fans might look at him differently. He is expected in camp this Tuesday, so expect some major headlines in the coming week.

I know, enough about Alex! But this is major news, so I have to cover it. Hopefully he addresses the other issues and it doesn’t drag on the whole season.

Here are three areas which need some explaining and in which Rodriguez needs to improve.

What Steroid/Banned Substance Did He Take?

In A-Rod’s ESPN interview, he claimed not to know what it was. Yet he still somehow knew that, whatever it was, it was banned.

He also speculated several times on TV about how banned substances might be available at GNC, which was nothing more than a diversionary tactic, since SI already reported he tested positive for Primobolan, a hardcore steroid.

Besides, since he admitted to taking a “banned substance,” as he put it (he didn’t say steroid), he clearly knew it wasn’t accidentally ingested through a supplement.

How Often Did He Take the Banned Substance?

This key question was missed in the ESPN interview.

Where Did He Get the Banned Substance?

First, he needs to stop knocking GNC.

Of course, if he’s merely trying to protect a teammate or friend, it would be understandable not to say. MLB never forced Jason Giambi to give up teammates when he was called into the Commissioner’s office, and most folks are generally reasonable about allowing players to protect teammates and friends.

But GNC doesn’t deserve this kind of unfair, unfounded pub.


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