Washington Wizards May Be Looking to Deal for Carlos Boozer

brandon LamCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2009


Now that power forwards Amar’e Stoudemire and Chris Bosh seem to be off the block, the Washington Wizards need a power forward—and Carlos Boozer could be a great fit.

The Wizards are 11-42, and when you're having a pathetic season like they are, anybody can be traded.

If the Wizards are seriously considering being an elite team next season, acquiring Boozer would be a great way to start.

If the Wizards were able to acquire Boozer then the odd man out would probably be two-time All-Star Caron Butler.

Although I would love for the Wizards to send forward Antawn Jamison, owner Abe Pollin would likely not sign off on that after just giving Jamison a contract worth $50 million dollars this offseason.

So the only guy that would make this trade make sense is Butler. Butler is one of the top small forwards in the Eastern Conference. He has a hunger for playing and he would help the Jazz in many areas on the court.

He has three years left on his contract and will make $9 million this season. If you throw Butler in the conversation along with Darius Songaila, Mike James, and Etan Thomas it would save the Wizards a lot of money and give them some flexibility going forward.

Coming into this season, Carlos Boozer indicated that he will opt-out of a contract that would have paid him $12 million next year.

Boozer has only played 12 games this season and his replacement Paul Millsap has played extremely well and has kept them in the mix for the playoffs.

It would make sense for the Jazz to look to trade Boozer for cap space and go forward with Millsap.