Word Life Termination: "The Dynasty Manifesto": Come Out Cabbage Patch Kid(s)

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 16, 2009

Where do I start with this one? people aren't going to be too fond of this, but I can really give two a rats a**. I got the PG rating turned off for this one folks, so the BK kids club, McDonald's playhouse crew, or anyone else, better exit while they still can.

Don't worry this isn't about the number ranks of the writers here, so Uno—don't respond, I don't want to hear your sob story. I'm here to address the hooligans who have riding around on their tonka toy training wheels.

These suckas really think they can do whatever they want huh? They can because we have the right to...and it's cyber space. Many writers had to experience being bombarded with loads of cryptic codes from these assclowns (Jericho).

Let me guess this faction or..."crew" as they put it, are hear to save and or bring justice to B/R's wrestling community, huh?

You call attacking great writers with ridiculous, over-exaggerated, over the top, coded, essay form, fallacious statements good? Who appointed them as the authority around here? Or shall I say him? I love how "Fly-crap", " Cerebral A-hole", and "Slum S***-head" all take turns signing in...signing out...signing...in...signing out again and again...and again...and again.

You must be exhausted handling all of those mutiple accounts aren't you. Well worry no more beacuse your not doing anything! They..."HE" leaves comments all over the pages of writers they target, then they..."HE" talks to himself with the other accounts talking about how they shut some writers down.

This is hilarious and pathetic. B/R is now a damn circus. Who's the ringmaster? What ever happened to Aj A-hole? jkhisgksgi lhigufkho. Where is he and his sad french speaking self. Where is Berg? You know the guy who joined the kiss my butt club for a certain writer who better not come post some sob story here because I already told him not to. Anyway.....

Cerebral A-Hole: Get back to the fields nad keep working cowards. What are you doing off the clock employees? Me and my boyfriends....I mean homies are going to expose you for the fake your are. Run into cover and retreat. The shadows are right behind you and the sun will set on you fate as you realize that your a fake. I'm soo good at my mind games! OH MY GOD! They are soo scared..Hey! Fly come here! (SIGNING OUT OF B/R).


Fly- Crap: Yeah like my boyfriend said, you all are cowards and you attack people. When we come to drag you back to work, he retreat and act as if the the sun has never judged or seen the sins you committed that are a cold as a night with a full moon...

AkD: What!?... THE F.......


Slum S***head: Tick tock goes the clock as Slum is on the block.. I bringing justice and on my boyfriend's Cock, I love it so much...I'll never stop he's too sexy forget HBK, he's too hot. Heyyyy!!!! (Hides the letter he sent to his boyfriend). Back to work employees! You do not understand what we are arguing for. We must expose these people for the frauds they are. Akd and M are gay...Like I called them before on his page M-kd. We got them now! They're scared and they're running away.

Aj A-hole: (Pathetic French) jglkghogo;/ggiafi   opyog'hjj

Fly-Crap: I don't know what you said Aj...but we must get the employees back to work....and I love you.

*The tired guys signs out for good after portraying numerous identities using multiple accounts*

AkD: Oh NO! I'm a target...and so are other writers...The cabbage patch kids are coming after me..