WrestleMania: What The WWE May Be Thinking

PJContributor IFebruary 16, 2009

No Way Out has given us a few things. Two new champions and more momentum for Randy Orton going into the biggest PPV of the year. So how will this work out? 

Triple H winning the WWE title forshadows Randy Orton v Triple H. I believe Triple H will call out Orton. This threat will make Orton choose Triple H for the main event at Mania.

Edge winning the other title and Cena showing that he was obviously upset with Edge making sure he got in the match.; You will see them square off for the 100 millionth time at Mania.

Now that the event is in Texas, the hometown of JBL, Undertaker, Stone Cold, and HBK.

There are rumors of Austin being involved in the event. I see three scenarios.

1. Jericho v Stone Cold (My least Likely Scenario)

2. Stone Cold v Undertaker (a somewhat likely scenario)

3. Stone Cold v HBK (a rematch and somewhat likely)

I think No. 2 would draw the most


Undertaker v HBK special Ref Austin

If HBK isnt in the match I could see JBL v HBK in a Texas bull-rope match. 


If it is HBK vs Austin...then JBL vs Undertaker.

Also Money in the bank: Look for Mr. Kennedy and Evan Bourne to be back

ECW championship

Jack Swagger v Christian; obviously Christian will destroy him.

IC Belt: Let's just pray that WWE isn't dumb and actually has a match for it

Kofi v Punk v Knox? Sound good?

What are your thoughts on this? How do you see Mania shaping up? Do you like any of my ideas?