Statistical Predictions For Aaron Rodgers Of The Packers In 2009

Adam LufranoCorrespondent IIIFebruary 16, 2009

Aaron Rodgers passed for 4038 yards, 28 TD's, and 13 INT's as a Packer last year. I'm going to predict each individual game statistics for A-Rod for next year. I don't know the schedule, but I do know all thirteen teams he will have to play.

(This is all assuming he doesn't miss a game.)

Let's do this.

Vikings - Week One

21-34 218 yards 2 TDs INT

He will be consistently good all game. He will throw a TD in both halves, throw a pick in the second quarter, and average 10 yards a completion. Good game.

Lions - Week Two

23-32 310 yards 3 TDs

Aaron continues to throw 300 yards and three TDs against the Lions (328, three and 308, three!) He will come out strong and stay strong, throwing two TDs in first half and one in the second half. He will throw 197  yards in the first half!

Cowboys - Week Three

20-33 248 yards TD 2 INTs

He will struggle in the first half with no TDs and two picks (87 yards), but come out in the second half firing. He'll throw 161 yards in the half, as well as a TD. Overall though, a struggling game.

Cardinals - Week Four

26-36 287 yards 3 TDs INT

Throws a pick on the first drive of the game, but has a good second half with three TDs and 156 yards. He's going to be smokingly accurate all game, with only four passes hitting the ground.

BYE - Week Five

49ers - Week Six

31-45 382 yards 4 TDs INT

Has to take a lot of attempts in the second half due to the score, but makes the most of it with 31 completions. He has a lot of big plays, especially a 67 yard TD in the fourth quarter. He threw a pick with 5:56 left in the fourth, but his fourth TD was the game winning (first game winning drive)!

Saints - Week Seven

25-39 256 yards 2 TDs 2 INTs

Throws two picks in the first half along with a TD. He comes out of the second half unscathed though with 134 yards and another TD. A bad game for Aaron though.

Steelers - Week Eight

18-25 185 yards 2 TDs

Has a great game against the Steelers defense. He only throws for 7-12 58 yards in the first half, but comes back to surprise everyone by going 11-13 with 127 yards and 2 TDs in the second half. A very good game.

Ravens - Week Nine

23-40 260 yards 2 TDs 2 INTs

He didn't have any quarter of greatness or weakness, just a TD and a pick in each half and 129 and 131 yards. A weak game as far as stats, but he could've done much worse as far as the Ravens are concerned.

Vikings - Week Ten

17-25 230 yards TD

A good game overall for Aaron. He played consistent, with a big 61 yard TD in the third quarter. No picks.

Bears - Week Eleven

23-31 250 yards 2 TDs

Both TDs came in the first half, but he still only had 98 yards. He packed in 152 in the second. Another game without a pick, and a good game for A-Rod.

Seahawks - Week Twelve

28-35 345 yards 5 TDs

Truly excellent game for Aaron. He passed 80 percent nearly every quarter, and had a great second half with three TDs and 187 yards. A very good game to have on the stat sheet.

Rams - Week Thirteen

24-36 266 yards TD INT

The pick came in the first quarter, and the TD came in the third quarter. Stats aren't beautiful, but they are cute.

Bengals - Week Fourteen

20-30 275 yards 2 TDs

He passed for 110 yards in the third quarter along with two TDs. Overall, he also had a good game.

Browns - Week Fifteen

19-33 232 yards TD 2 INTs

He had a bad game this week. Both INTs came in the second half, with the TD coming in the fourth quarter. He had a big play in the first quarter of 54 yards though. Overall, a bad game.

Bears - Week Sixteen

20-38 210 yards TD 3 INTs

A really bad game for A-Rod. He started out bad with a pick in the first quarter, got a TD in the second, but finished with two picks in the second half. He looked accurate on about 50 percent of his throws, but the ones he missed he missed big time.

Lions - Week Seventeen

23-38 280 yards 3 TDs INT

This is the first game against the Lions where Aaron has thrown less than 300 yards and an interception. Overall, with two TDs in the fourth quarter alone, a good game for A-Rod.


361-550 4,234 yards 35 TDs 16 INTs

A good season for Aaron, throwing another 4,000 yards and seven more TDs. He threw three more picks though. His 66 percent passing on the season is good too.

Please feel free to comment on my predictions for next year.