WWE News: AJ Ranked as 'Most Influential Female Athlete'

Gone Baby GoneContributerJuly 6, 2012

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

If there were ever a time to be AJ Lee, it is now.

It's safe to say there is no WWE female more popular than AJ is. The most intriguing part is that AJ made her name not in the Diva's division, but in the male-dominated main event storylines.

AJ has not only surpassed her predecessor Eve Torres' popularity, but has found a niche that keeps fans guessing.

Now word is coming from WrestlingInc.com that AJ has been ranked the Most Influential Female Athlete on Twitter.

The article states:

According to FanPageList.com, AJ is the most influential female athlete on Twitter—based on combined number of Twitter followers, Facebook fans and Klout score.

WWE touted her ranking Friday: "DID YOU KNOW?: @WWEAJLee is ranked #1 among Female Athletes ranked by influence (@klout) http://wwe.me/c48IS via @FanPageList #AJLikesMeToo."

This should be looked at as a big deal for not only AJ but the WWE, as they have found someone other than John Cena and CM Punk for fans to latch on to. This means their creative team has done something right with a female star, which has been an extreme rarity of late.

Ultimately, AJ and the WWE need to cash in on this and keep the momentum going. Especially considering how fickle we fans are—just ask Zack Ryder.

Now it's your turn to weigh in. Should this be looked at as a big deal or just a fad?