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AHMET BOB TURGUT@turkishsoccerCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2009

It has been twenty weeks since Turkey's top football league, Turkcell Super League, has started!
In these twenty weeks, the league's top spot has changed hands, pretty much every week.
There is not one team that can open the gap on top.
With 14 weeks to go in the Turkcell Super League, this weekend ended in the same way!
The league's top teams who share the top spot, Sivasspor and Trabzonspor, dropped points. Actually, they were lucky to get a draw in away matches.
This weekends biggest loser was Galatasaray, and the biggest gainer was Fenerbahce!...
We could add Besiktas as a loser too this weekend.
A win on Sunday, against Trabzonspor would have turned around Besiktas in the league!
They would have surpassed Fenerbahce and Galatasaray in the standings.
But, coach Mustafa Denizli's first half error in the line up cost the win!  Unstable Besiktas could not cash in the win at home against Trabzonspor!
If you want to play at the top, you have to win your home matches.  If you can't win the home matches, how are you going to play for the Championship?
According to Coach Denzili, he has a credit until week 26.  When 26th week comes around this might be to late for Denizli, in my opinion!
Like, the other big two big guns of Istanbul, Galatasaray and Fenerbahce, Besiktas can't really shake themselves and win matches.  They are off one week and on the next.
That's why teams like Sivasspor and Trabzonspor are on top!

Besiktas, Fenerbahce, and Galatasaray are the teams which spent the most money in the transfer market this season.
Big name players and big name coaches who lead these teams get the most money in Turkey—but they can't produce big things like championships!
Putting Trabzon a side for a minute, the league's top team Sivasspor's whole roster doesn't even make as much as the spanish striker who came to Fenerbahce from Spain.
A small Anatolian city team, Sivasspor, with desire, courage, and teamwork brought themselve to this level in this League!
Despite the lucky draw in Bursa this weekend, without their star striker Mehmet Yildiz, they are still on top with 42 points.
A Cinderella team of Turkey, Sivaspor, with a small budget, is fighting with big guns of the league!
Trabzonspor, who share the top spot, with Sivasspor, is in different shoe than Sivasspor, in my opinion.
Trabzonspor spent a lot of money in the beginning of the season too.
Trabzonspor did something that they have never done before! After hiring Ersun Yanal as a new coach, they transferred 26 new players!
The new Trabzonspor under Ersun Yanal has been playing very attractive, very fast soccer.  They became a confident team, in my opinion.

Just think—when this league started, the only team from Turkey who is on the World Money League list started the league really poorly.
Then they recouped and win back-to-back games and moved in the first five after being around 12th place in the league.
A win against Besiktas turned Fenerbahce's luck. Then this week, when Galatasaray got beaten, Fenerbahce slashed Hacettepe with seven goals!
They evened up points with Galatasaray, and are now only five points behind the top spot!
Looking back on the league, twenty weeks have boosted Sivaspor and Trabzonspor on top of the Istanbul big three!
Could one of the big three from Istanbul catch Sivaspor or Trabzonspor?  That is the 14-week question!
We shall see.


Antalyaspor 1 Galatasaray 0

Eskisehirspor 0 Genclerbirligi 0

Ankaragucu 3 Gaziantepspor 1

Bursaspor 1 Sivasspor 1

Fenerbahce 7 Hacettepe 0

Ankaraspor 1 Istanbul B.S.Bld.Spor 2

Denizlispor 2 Konyaspor 1

Kocaelispor 1 Kayserispor 2

Besiktas 1 Trabzonspor 1



1.SIVASSPOR 20 12 6 2 33 13 20 42

2.TRABZONSPOR 20 12 6 2 29 16 13 42

3.GALATASARAY 20 11 4 5 41 23 18 37

4.FENERBAHCE 20 11 4 5 39 21 18 37

5.BESIKTAS 20 10 6 4 30 19 11 36

6.ANKARASPOR 20 10 3 7 28 18 10 33

7.KAYSERISPOR 20 8 8 4 21 12 9 32

8.GAZIANTEPSPOR 20 8 6 6 28 26 2 30

9.BURSASPOR 20 8 6 6 26 26 0 30

10.ISTANBUL B.S.BLD.SPOR 20 7 4 9 22 30 -8 25

11.ESKISEHIRSPOR 20 5 9 6 28 28 0 24

12.ANTALYASPOR 20 5 7 8 20 26 -6 22

13.GENCLERBIRLIGI 20 5 6 9 24 28 -4 21

14.KONYASPOR 20 5 6 9 19 29 -10 21

15.ANKARAGUCU 20 4 6 10 19 30 -11 18

16.DENIZLISPOR 20 5 3 12 25 37 -12 18

17.KOCAELISPOR 20 3 3 14 24 46 -22 12

18.HACETTEPE SPOR 20 2 5 13 11 39 -28 11

Top goal scorers

15 goals: Milan Baros (Galatasaray)

11 goals: Mehmet Yildiz (Sivasspor),

10 goals: Youla (Eskisehirspor) and Tabata (Gaziantepspor)

9 goals: Taner Gulleri (Kocaelispor), Gokhan Unal (Trabzonspor) and Alex (Fenerbahce)


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