5 WWE Superstars That Have Gone from Promising to Not-so-Promising

Michael BroughtonAnalyst IJuly 8, 2012

5 WWE Superstars That Have Gone from Promising to Not-so-Promising

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    It happens much too often. A superstar is pushed to the top, even being shoved down our throats at times, until he suddenly falls off the face of the earth. It is upsetting, as well as extremely annoying, but it's been going on for what seems like forever.

    Whether it's because WWE changed their storylines, or has just given up on the wrestler is not usually explained, leaving the fans to ponder what could have been. And while we all want it to come to an end, the fact of the matter is it probably never will as long as WWE is around (which is going to be a very long time). Let's take a look at a few guys that have fallen into the pits of obscurity. 

#5: Zack Ryder

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    Zack Ryder's career was mediocre for quite some time. However, he eventually caught lightning in a bottle when he created his own Youtube show, Z! True Long Island Story. He went from jobber to fan favorite in a few months and quickly came into contention for the United States Championship. After a long chase of Dolph Ziggler, he finally took him down at the TLC PPV and became the U.S. Champ. However, it didn't last long.

    After a very short time with the title, Ryder dropped it to Jack Swagger on an episode of Raw before entering a feud with Kane.  Zack went on to be squashed by the Big Red Monster, and people began to fear his five minutes of fame were over. Things haven't changed much over the past few months, although this past Friday made Zack's career seem a little bit more promising. He won a battle royal on Smackdown that included main event talent such as John Cena and CM Punk. We can only hope that this is the start of another push for Ryder, and that WWE doesn't blow it yet again.

#4: R-Truth

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    Truth, also known as Ron Killings, is another guy whose career seemed to sky-rocket rather quickly. Mainly known as a baby-face in the midcard for the entirety of his career, Truth shocked the world when he became No. 1 Contender for the WWE Championship. However, the real shocker came one week later, after he lost his opportunity to John Morrison. Frustrated by the loss, Truth attacked Morrison and brutally beat him down, signaling a heel turn for Killings.

    From that point on, Truth began his climb toward stardom. His lunatic gimmick was way over with the fans, and he was extremely entertaining on the mic. However, one night after losing to the Rock and John Cena in tag team action, he was "injured" by his partner at the time, The Miz. As it was later discovered, the real reason behind the kayfabe injury was a violation of the wellness policy by Truth.

    Ron Killings eventually returned as the same lunatic, but became a face. At first, I was excited to see how far he could go with it, but WWE didn't seem as interested. He slowly faded away from relevance until he was only seen as a jobber to the up and coming heels. While his stock has risen a bit now that he is 1/2 of the Tag Team Champions, it seems like he will never regain the spark he lit last summer.

#3: Jack Swagger

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    Jack Swagger has always been a great wrestler. His technical skills are some of the best in the entire WWE. but he suffers from just one issue: He isn't that entertaining. While he's a big guy, he almost looks a bit nerdy, especially with the whole new haircut. His mic skills aren't the worst, but they leave a lot to be desired. 

    However, that didn't stop WWE from pushing him. After dominating over in ECW, Swagger came over to Raw and started as a force in the midcard. But it wasn't until WrestleMania 26 that he finally got his chance to shine. He won the annual Money in the Bank match, eventually aching it in on Chris Jericho. WWE went on to do whatever it took to put him over. He even got a clean win against Randy Orton. However, it seemed to be inconsistent (as usual) with their push and he never reached the top. After dropping the World Title, he fell out of the picture and took a pretty hard tumble. 

    Nowadays, Swagger is losing to the likes of Santino Marella. It's been a one, hard fall for the All-American American, and it's definitely been tough to watch. WWE can still turn things around for him, but you have to wonder if the fans will ever be able to take him seriously again.

#2: Drew McIntyre

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    Given the title of Chosen One by Vince McMahon, Drew was destined for great things since day one. He quickly worked his way into the No. 1 contender spot for the Intercontinental Title. After winning the title, he went on to feud with the likes of John Morrison, Kofi Kingston, and even the general manager of SmackDown at the time, Theodore Long. He was putting on great matches, and slowly, yet steadily improving on the mic, reminding me of Randy Orton in his early days as a heel.

    However, he was drafted over to Monday Night Raw for some reason, and wasn't seen much after that. After quite a while of being completely absent from television, he was tossed back over to SmackDown, and entered a feud where he loss on a continuous basis, prompting Teddy Long to fire him repeatedly. While he ended up keeping his job, Drew once again has played a disappearing act on us and has dropped into irrelevancy. 

    He is another guy that still has enough time to find his way back onto television, but WWE has seemingly forgotten about Drew. While I hope that isn't the case, it certainly has seemed like it for quite some time now.

#1: The Miz

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    Oh how the mighty have fallen. After main eventing WrestleMania 27, The Miz went from the WWE Champion to a full-time jobber. Some blame it on his repeated rumors of backstage heat, others point to the fact that he was just a few months away for leaving for The Marine 3, which is filming now. No matter what the reason is, if any, The Miz has taken one of the largest drops in the entirety of WWE.

    While The Miz has never been an intimidating guy (he almost looks like an angry poodle), he certainly knows how to get a reaction. He turned corny, obnoxious catch phrases like "I'm The Miz and I'm Awesome" and "Really?" into pure gold.

    He wasn't the best in the ring, but his skills certainly improved since day one. I actually enjoyed his rise to stardom, but I didn't have any fun watching him fall into no man's land. He may not be the top-dew heel that WWE has been begging for, but he can certainly find himself a spot in the upper midcard, similar to the career of Rey Mysterio. 

    When The Miz comes back, it seems like a pretty solid possibility that he will undergo a distinct character change. If that is true, let's hope WWE does something with it or The Miz's stock will continue to fall.