Ohio State: Guaranteed to Disappoint

charlie adamsCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2008

Buckeyes fans beware, you are going to make the NCAA tourney. The combination of first-team all Big Ten PG Jamar Butler's leadership and SG Evan Turner's athletic play will be difficult for other back courts to defend.

Couple that with the silky-smooth game of 7-foot frosh Kosta Koufos and the big-man mentality possessing Othello Hunter recently and the Bucks front-line isn't going to be outmatched by anyone in the tourney. As a likely 12-seed and proud owners of a hot streak that will get all the pundits talking, OSU will be a sexy pick to make a run to the Sweet 16. 

Depressing, I know. Say hello to inflated expectations after a drubbing of Michigan State, and a very close loss to Wisconsin. And say goodbye to Koufos, he's going to play with the Big Boys following a sparkling late season run a la Mike Conley. With his high-profile performances in the Big Ten tourney, and NCAA's, the Buckeye dream of starting two 7-footers (with next year's BJ Mullens) will be put to bed. So too will the Bucks "magical' late-season run when they run smack into any team with an all-around big man and some semblance of back court consistency. 

You see it is these two things that have plagued the Buckeyes for the entire season, save the last two, where pure desperation has overcome these deficiencies. There is no consistency and no rebounding from the 2-3 zone which prevents high shooting percentages, but yields constant offensive rebounds. In addition, it never allows for fast breaks which would more effectively leverage OSU's superior athletes, while minimizing their lack of experience.

So, after "upsetting" the number five or number six seed paired against Ohio State, all of Buckeye Nation will be in an uproar, phrases like "realized potential" and "coming of age" will get jammed down our collective throats.

In the end, the Bucks will get down big, come roaring back with their superior talent and then lack the stones to put themselves over the top.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to your potential Sweet 16 appearing and eternally disappointing 2008 Ohio State Buckeyes. Better look forward to Beanie, cause there is nothing but disappointment waiting for OSU in Indianapolis this weekend. Whether you know it or not.