Carlos Hyde: A Preview of Things To Come for "The" Ohio State Buckeyes

HD Handshoe - BlockONation.comAnalyst IFebruary 16, 2009

Eddie George.

Chris "Beanie" Wells.

Carlos Hyde.

What do these three have in common?

  • They are all running backs who have played or will play their college football for Ohio State.
  • They all are comparable in height, weight, and speed.
  • Two were Heisman contenders, one won the Heisman, and one has yet to fulfill his potential to both contend for and win a Heisman (or two) in his Buckeye career that begins in 2009.

Jamaal Berry is the much hyped five-star recruit that heads the list of offensive recruits for the Buckeyes if you listen to everything the recruiting sites tell you.

I do believe Berry will be a solid college player but for some reason, I just can't stop believing that Hyde very well may be the next great running back for "The" Ohio State Buckeyes.

Hyde is a big power-back out of Naples, Florida with deceptive fluidity between the tackles. He is tall (6'1)with great thickness and carries his weight (230) well.

He comes across as strictly a north-south runner when considering his measurables and first see him in his stance, but he will surprise defenses with good quickness.

He hits the line with good initial speed, power and lean but can make defenders miss through the hole with great suddenness and shiftiness. He does have decent cutback ability as well and he reaches top speed quickly.

Hyde fits that rare mold with a combination of great strength and ability to bull his way through defenders and has surprising quickness for his size. He can be seen consistently bouncing out of the pile when it looks like he's stopped thanks to his superior lower-body strength, thickness and leg drive. He often finds a way to gain extra yards.

Most defenders are not going to arm tackle him or even slow him down by themselves when he reaches the second level and flashes a strong stiff-arm (shades of Beanie).

As a receiver, he has adequate hands and receiving skills out of the backfield and shows the lateral quickness to bounce it east-west, but he lacks top acceleration to turn the corner and it shows when cutting back inside.

He is a power-back with good overall speed and quickness, but tends to try and dance laterally at times instead of blasting through the inside utilizing his good north-south speed and running strength.

I consider him a two-gear back who rarely gets caught from behind, but he does currently lack good top-end speed, although Ohio States' strength and conditioning program should provide the remedy needed to add a third gear.

In summation, Hyde is very athletic for his size, and offers more than just a straight-line power runner. He should continue to physically develop his skills and potentially follow in the tradition of great running backs at Ohio State if utilized properly by Coach Tressel and the Buckeyes. He might end up as the No. 1 guy, carrying the bulk of the running back work-load and wearing down opposing defenses by the fourth quarter.

Here's a preview of what he may bring to the table in Columbus — Enjoy!

Here's an actual highlight video of Carlos in H.S. at Naples, Florida.

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