AJ Goes Full Psycho on CM Punk: Crazy Chick Angle Peaks Two Weeks Early

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJuly 5, 2012

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

The ongoing quandary involving AJ, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan has quickly degenerated into a blatant microcosm of one of WWE's biggest booking flaws as AJ continues to capriciously distribute her affection to both Bryan and Punk on a weekly basis. 

The brilliance of this running love triangle was the continued ambiguity demonstrated by AJ as each love stunt pulled by the pint-sized diva carried a tone of spontaneous uncertainty. The main selling point of AJ's plight was the inherent value in her eventual allegiance. 

With AJ's power plays for affection now coming off as more predetermined and sadistic as the storyline progresses, the WWE seemed to have overplayed their AJ hand this past Monday on RAW. 

RAW concluded with AJ heelishly shoving CM Punk off the top rope after the two shared a high-risk makeout maneuver. This was the first time AJ's actions had a directly negative effect on CM Punk and subsequently her image as the prize had become compromised. 

With AJ admitting to selfish intentions to hijack the attention of her male suitors, while going full psycho as opposed to the cute crazy chick, there remains zero value within the current love triangle in who AJ will eventually choose as her man.  

The following night on a live SmackDown was even worse, as AJ's crazy train is beginning to drag both Bryan and Punk down the track as lovesick fools. 

By the end of a segment that saw AJ swap spit with Bryan before offering sloppy seconds to an inexplicably cooperative hero in CM Punk, Bryan vs. Punk went from a WWE Championship match to the Bachelorette. 

CM Punk no longer seems like the WWE Champion. Daniel Bryan hardly comes off as a number one contender. Each seems more interested in their role as a bachelor set to win over an erratic female liable to wake up the next morning with a crush on her mail man.

After being shoved off of the top rope by a mentally unstable attention fiend, how would WWE Champion CM Punk look if he was to accept AJ's allegiance? 

What self-respecting man, or babyface for that matter, chooses to associate himself with such a detrimental individual, even if he does "love crazy chicks"? AJ's self-indulgent antics have been befitting of a heel, so choosing Bryan would be somewhat of an anti-climactic soft landing.  

Perhaps AJ's full transformation into a bona fide crazy person should have been saved for pay-per-view, where an actual payoff is to be expected. 

With AJ now dominating the WWE title picture, what has been a good angle has quickly become too much of a good thing.

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