A Treasure Found in Philly

Doug DonofrioCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2009

Are we all on the same wavelength, as it relates to the Sixers finding their lost identity? Here are some thoughts.

Has DiLeo been the missing treasure? I believe the basketball genie has granted the Philadelphia 76ers President and General Manager, Ed Stefanski, one wish to help his team off the mat, and that one wish has manifested itself in New Jersey native Tony DiLeo. 

DiLeo is one of the most cerebral guys I have ever come in contact with. He is bright beyond anyone's imagination and will not just accidentally turn this basketball team around. He has turned this team around. 

He is a tremendous teacher, coach, and manager of men and women with points of emphasis extending to full team commitment through the vehicles of communication, synergy, chemistry, and trust among the members of that team.

When DiLeo coached overseas he had his teams playing at the highest level of basketball, as he won nine West German titles. Can their be a relative comparison to the NBA level?

Dileo's basketball IQ and tactical acumen are off the charts. Judging by what I know and have seen of Tony DiLeo, he is master tactician and communicator of people and processes.  Once he has a vision of how something is to be manifested there is no question that he will make it known.

With DiLeo being highly intellectual in thought and reason, Stefanski can be assured that DiLeo will elevate this team from a tactical standpoint.  He will create opportunities on the floor for advantageous and favorable matchups, by strategically utilizing the personnel in the way their vision has been laid out. Yes, they will run and will find ways to tactically and strategically win basketball games. They are doing just that.

Kudos to Stefanski for recognizing one of the brightest basketball minds this city has ever had coaching a professional sports team.

The Theorist