I Hear Voices Pt.14: Happy 25th "RATED-RKO" Anniversary?!

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 16, 2009

Yes people the lids are off the cans and we're now in curveball city! I would like to applaud WWE for turning a predictable bore-fest into a jaw dropping, foot in the mouth PPV. Aside from the obvious Swagger and HBK wins, WWE made sure that we are once again the fools.

When will we learn? I like the surprises even if it means thousands of people get their foots in their mouths...including myself. Fist of all, people can just stop that "SHANE MCMAHON JOINS LEGACY" theory. It got put to bed and I'm glad because I never believed it.

Shane McMahon fell through the Smackdown announce table after missing an elbow drop. Orton suplexed him through a table, then gave him an RKO for good measure. Shane is lucky Orton didn't finish him off....for good. I had only wished that Stephanie McMahon would come in the match and cost Shane it. She would have aligned with the Legacy and that would have been a great move in my book. Who knows? Maybe she'll still do it.

The tickets are safe for him. Orton still has the first class flight to Houston, Texas. Edge wasn't so lucky in the night. Jeff Hardy started in the ring with Edge and was able to catch him with a roll up quickly foreshadowing a new WWE champion. It would be Triple H who would defeat Undertaker and celebrate his 13th (or is it 14?)world title reign.

Watch out Flair, Triple H's nose is right around the corner....your 16 reigns are just a sniff away. RAW elimination chamber had it highs and lows. I was heartbroken to see what had happened to Kofi Kingston. When Kofi was going to enter, Edge attacked him.

The Ultimate Opportunist had just grabbed the ultimate opportunity when he ran into the chamber. Kofi was carreid off by the paramedics....why Kofi?....Why? Rey didn't like what had happened to his good friend, so he went after Edge. Edge had locked himself with the Chamber pod until it was his turn enter. Rey spent quite some time trying to get Edge out while Cena was having a brawl with Kane and Jericho.

Chris Jericho proved to the fans that he really is the great performer he says he is. Jericho was the chamber MVP hands down. A cide breaker to kane...led to his elimination, a codebreaker to Mike Knox....led to him elimination, a codebreaker to John Cena....the champ is gone! Looks like Jericho had "CENA NUFF."

Rey was completely embarrassed in the chamber. The guy got spanked like a little brat. Jericho did a 619 on him as he and Jericho double teamed him. Rey somehow managed to eliminate Jericho and it was down to Edge and Rey. Really WWE? They gave us the curveball, but stopped half way. We knew at this point it was adios amigo. Rey was done for....and done for he was when Edge speared him.

Edge celebrated his 8th world title reign. Can he hold the title for more than a month now? Sheesh! He gained it a Survivor Series, lost it at Armageddon, won it at the Royal Rumble, lost it a No Way Out, and finally wins the World Heavyweight championship at No Way Out. Two chambers in one night. Edge truly had no limits.

Super Cena didn't prevail. Jericho had a kyptonite stash in his pocket. Randy Orton looks to be issue free now. Vince is gone, Shane is gone, and Stephanie is left. This doesn't look good for her. Will she finally conform to the Legacy? Or will she continue the good fight? She can't do anything now, Orton is on his way to Wrestlemania 25.

RAW has no world title...uh oh. Orton is going to have to choose between Triple H his old mentor, and Edge, his former tag partner. What will Orton do? Who will he choose? We thought Orton and Cena would be epic, but Orton and Edge is match made in hell. Who is WWE's top heel.

Orton and Edge could be served on our Wrestlemania 25 plate folks. Buckle your seat belts ladies and gents, the road to the Reliant Stadium is about to break speed limits.