What No Way Out Means for Wrestlemania—Review and Predictions

Ian HarrisonCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2009


Match one:  Smackdown Elimination Chamber.

Nice match.  The match started with Jeff Hardy and Edge in the ring, but before the second guy even came out, Edge suffered a pin fall loss by a roll-up to Jeff Hardy. Vladimir Kozlov and Big Show both followed, and then the action picked back up.

Triple H came out of his pod to a lot of cheers.  He began his beating on the two heels.   Undertaker came out next, and the fans went more crazy. I believe Triple H eliminated Kozlov, and then Big Show was eliminated by The Undertaker.

Jeff Hardy got tombstoned by The Undertaker.  Undertaker and Triple H had a face off, and I haven't seen the crowd go that insane for a long time.

Undertaker hit two a tombstone, and The game kicked out, and The game hit a Pedigree, and 'Taker kicked out.

Triple H finally got the win with a second Pedigree.

Winner:  Triple H


Match two: Shane McMahon vs Randy Orton

Disappointment.  Shane McMahon normally put son a good match, but I just found this match boring.  McMahon hit a "coast to coast" on Cody Rhodes, and then went for his Diving Elbow through the table, but Orton evaded.

Orton won with an RKO, after Shane teased a punt.

Winner:  Randy Orton 


Match three:  Finlay vs Jack Swagger

Very boring, and very short match.  I don't feel like writing a summary.

Winner:  Jack Swagger 


Match four:  Shawn Michaels vs JBL

Again very boring match.  Shawn Michaels eventually won the match by a Super-kick.

Winner:  Shawn Michaels 


Main-Event:  Raw Elimination Chamber Match

While Kofi Kingston is making his way down to the ring, Edge attacks him, and takes his spot.

Edge then locked himself in the pod.

Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio started the match.  They had some good back and forth action.  Kane came in the ring, and was almost immediately eliminated.  The same happened to Knox.

Edge was the next in the ring, and the three of them have some good action.

John Cena enters the ring, and instantly puts Edge up for the F-U.

While still in the Squat position, Cena gets Code Breaker-ed.  This was an awesome spot, if you can consider trying to see it.

He then gets 619'd, and then Speared.

John Cena is eliminated.

The three of them have more good action, and then Rey Mysterio rolled up Chris Jericho.

The crowd was behind Mysterio majorly.  He received both a "Rey" chant, and a "619" chant.  Edge got the win with the spear.

Winner:  Edge 


What does this mean for Wrestlemania? 

Well since Edge is the Champion on Raw, he has to defend that title.  Since John Cena has rematch clause.

Shawn Michaels is fresh off a feud, and everyone is going to say he'll face Undertaker.  I don't think so.

I think he will be in the World title match.

I predict John Cena vs Edge vs Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania.

Rey Mysterio had an amazing night, they surely can't put him in the Money in the Bank, can they?

I think right now, Rey Mysterio is the back-up plan for Chris Jericho.  If they somehow coax Ric Flair or Steve Austin to wrestle him, that's what will happen.  If they can't Rey will be his opponent.  Also, if they can't, I think you'll see Mysterio and Kingston vs MnM2. (Miz and Morrison)

I predict:  Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston vs Miz and Morrison.

Undertaker will either face Vladi or Big Show.

Triple H just won the title, who's he defending it against?

Randy Orton.

I predict:  Triple H vs Randy Orton.

What does this mean for Money in the Bank?

Mr. Kennedy will be fresh off a return, so he will be in.  Evan Bourne will also be back and in the Money in the Bank.  I expect R-Truth and Shelton Benjamin to be in.  CM Punk will most likely be in, and expect MVP to be in.  I think Kane and Tommie will both be in too.

Jack Swagger vs Christian Cage is already guaranteed.

Jericho will most likely face Steve Austin.  Don't expect a good match.

Matt Hardy will face off with his brother, Jeff.

Beth Phoenix will most likely face Trish Stratus.  So expect Beth to regain her title.

So the card will look something like...

Match one:  Money in the Bank
1.  C. M. Punk
2.  MVP
3.  R-Truth
4.  Shelton Benjamin
5.  Mr.  Kennedy
6.  Evan Bourne
7.  Kane
8.  Tommie Dreamer

Match two:  Tag team match
Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio vs Miz and Morrison

Match three:  ECW title
Christian Cage vs Jack Swagger[c]

Match four:  Single
Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy

Match five:  Hell in a Cell
Vladimir Kozlov vs The Undertaker

Match six: WHC
Shawn Michaels vs John Cena vs Edge[c]

Match  seven:  Grudge Match
Steve Austin vs Chris Jericho

Match eight: Women's Title
Trish Stratus vs Beth Phoenix

Main-event:  WWE Title
Randy Orton vs Triple H[c]


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