AkD Presents: The Nickel Vol. 3—No Way Out Fallout

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 15, 2009

Triple H becomes champ...again

When Edge was the first to be eliminated in Smackdown's chamber, I knew what was coming. Big Show and Koslov were both eliminated by Taker, Jeff Hardy, and Triple H. Koslov got eliminated via tombstone, and Big Show via swanton bomb.

Jeff would get ousted by Taker and Triple H went at it. Taker of course, fell to the pedigree, and we had to witness the 13th title reign of big nose. Triple H has won..where you surpised? I sure wasn't.

Shane McMahon had NO WAY OUT

Well, well Shane lost. He joined the legcay! SURPRISE!...(fixing the teleprompter) Oops I mean he fell victim to an RKO after missing an elbow drop and falling through the Smackdown announce table and being superplexed from the top rope through a table.

Looks like that Shane/Legacy can rest in pieces along with the "Christian is going to Smackdown when he returns" theory.

Fight for our rights! HBK is free man

Not only was this match predictable but after getting his teeth kicked down his throat, HBK celebrated with his wife. JBL can now shut up about his "Layfield Energy" company and cough up that dough to the heart break kid. I thought he was a wrestling god? The sad part isn't that JBL got a whooping everyone knew was coming, but he his useless now that the one story that fitted his gimmick is gone. JBL should be fading away soon.


Come on Finlay...you really throughout you had enough clovers to pull out this victory win? You should have brought the whole damn Lucky Charms box. Don't worry Hornswoggle still loves you. Swagger better prepare for Christian, cause he's ready.

Trouble in Paradise...The Ultimate Opportunity

I had a feeling WWE has going to curveball us again, but at Kofi's expense? I love the guy! Come on! Kofi was taken out by a bitter Edge and Edge took his spot in the chamber. Jericho did all the dirty work as the loud mouth heel finally walk to walk instead of the usual talk to talk. He gave codebreakers to Mike Knox, Kane, and John Cena which all led to thier eliminations.

The funny thing is that he 619'ed Rey...what!? The sad part is Rey eliminated him. Of course with Rey and Edge left we knew what was coming. Edge had won the World Heavyweight championship. Two chambers in one night, the man did it!