13 Unlucky for Some, Lucky for The Game

RykzCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2009

The night kicked of with the WWE championship on the line in the Elimination chamber match.

Jeff Hardy and Edge started up, there was alot of punches throw then just as Edge went for the spear Jeff countered him with a quick roll up getting the one...two...three on the champion.

This guaranteed that we would have a new WWE champion.

Jeff got to catch his breath while he waited for his next opponent, that wouldn't be long as the undefeated  Russian would come in. Kozlov took complete control and beat down Jeff.

Next the Big show came in and just took it to Jeff. Kozlov and Show took turn in knocking down the extreme enigma.

Triple H came in and gave a helping hand to Jeff Hardy with a huge spine buster on Big show it looked like the game had the momentum on his side.

The Demon of death valley was the only one left and when his number was up he came in and cleaned house. A double choke slam was about to be delivered on Triple H and Jeff but at the last minute Show attacked the Undertaker.

Undertaker tomb-stoned Kozlov getting the three count.

Jeff Hardy was thrown into the cage but hung on and climbed on to one of the chambers. Big show reached in and pulled the rainbow haired warrior leg through the chained roof ceiling of the chamber.

The 7 foot giant climed the turn buckle only to get superplexed by the deadman as he got up he got a pedigree from the game and a super swanton bomb off the top of one of the chambers from.

Triple H rolled over to get the pin.

Jeff and Triple H were fighting on the outside and Jeff got caught from behind by Taker to receive a tombstone and that was Jeff gone.

It was only the game and Undertaker left.

The match went back and forth with both men getting near falls, the Undertaker hit Triple H with a tombstone but Hunter got a foot on the rope.

Next it was the turn of Triple H to hit a pedigree and got a near fall.

Just when you thought Undertaker had it won it was the Game who countered the Undertaker last ride and hit the pedigree on the deadman.


Triple H becomes the 13 time Champion.

Edge will  be back tonight though you can count on it.